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Miele’s S7 Twist vacuum features a unique electrobrush that follows the contours of your floor, auto..
This electrically-driven carpet tool with a 14"-wide brush roll is ideal for medium to high-pile and..
Electrically-driven carpet tool with a 13 3/8"-wide brush roll provides you with 5 height adjustment..
This very lightweight, special application carpet tool is driven by air movement of the vacuum clean..
This collection of micro-accessories and nozzles is designed to help you easily clean delicate items..
SEB 217-2 Electric Powerbrush Powerbrush for S500 & S600 Models. Electrically-driven carpet tool..
SEB 213-2 Electric Powerbrush Powerbrush for the S514 (Solaris series vacuums) with SES113 electric ..
This electrically driven carpet tool has a 10 inch wide brush roll and floating head design. Its swi..
A mixture of polyamide and natural hair ensures a gentle cushion for this floor brush which makes su..
Miele RX1 Scout Miele's first robotic vacuum MODEL OVERVIEW Features: Smart Navigation ..
TurboBrush for S140/S160 Universal (Stick) Upright series and S200/S300/S400 series canisters. The 1..
TurboBrush for S500 & S600 Series canisters. The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush..
TurboBrush for S5 Models. The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by a..
This Universal Upright can be transformed into several convenient configurations, including a handhe..
Made from a blend of natural bristles and polyamide, the Universal Brush is ideal for dusting booksh..
Equipped with four thread catchers and a flexible suction opening, which adapts to various pile dept..