Royal E-Class CleanTeam Deluxe


E-Class CleanTeam Deluxe


Platinum TurboCat Zoom Turbine Powerhead

e-Z Grip Hose with or without Hose Sock

Adjustable Wand (button-down with 19 height adjustments)

Premium 12” Bare Floor Brush

Premium Crevice, Dusting and Upholstery Tools

Blue VacPac Attachment Caddy with Dust Cloth

Wire Hose Rack

Kits with Universal Style Hose

P/N: 8884 with 30’ hose

P/N: 8884-HS with 30’ hose and hose sock

P/N: 8884-35 with 35’ hose

P/N: 8884-35-HS with 35’ hose and hose sock

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