Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum


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Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum

Miele RX1 Scout

Miele's first robotic vacuum



Smart Navigation

 Gyro Sensor

 7 anti-collision sensors

 Ceiling camera

 Stair detection sensors


Triple Cleaning System

 Two rotating side brushes

 Effective Turbo Brush

 High efficiency suction system


Non-Stop Power

Up to 2 hours of continuous cleaning

1,600 sq. ft.


Four cleaning modes

 Auto mode: Cleans all rooms, up to

1,600 sq. ft., and returns to base

 Corner mode: Auto mode then

cleans all corners, returns to base

 Spot mode: Cleans 6 sq. ft. area

 Turbo mode: Cleans 50% faster

(bigger gap between lines), returns

to base


Remote control

 Manually control the Scout

 Set timer

 Return to base

 Change cleaning mode

 Start/stop

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