Royal Lightweight All Metal Upright Vacuum


All Metal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, with a 9-amp motor that flawlessy cleans any kind of carpet, whether low pile or deep pile. Mostly used in office settings for commercial use.

Royal UR38200 Lightweight All Metal Upright Vacuum Cleaner is mostly used in office settings for commercial use, but it excels in residences just as well. With a 9-amp motor it has the equivalent of 1,080 watts of power. Some of the classic features include an all-metal cord release, retro on & off switch, and a side handle release lever. The Adjust-Rite nozzle creates an airtight seal with the front rubber bumper to maximize suction power. This kind of power makes for flawless cleaning on any kind of carpet, whether low pile or deep pile. The sheer strength of the UR 38200 makes it one of the most impressive uprights in its class. The 40-foot electric cord consists of 3 wired fibers that are made to not kink. The direct airflow system dumps the dirt into a top fill disposable bag, which is quick and easy to replace. The Royal UR 38200 is all-metal making it extremely durable. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and limited lifetime warranty for the nozzle, fan case and motor housing.

Additional Features
Description Powerful 9 amp motor
High filtration C-Tex outer bag system with full-length zipper and top-fill MICROFRESH & HEPA-type paper bag. Together, they trap 99.9% of fine dust and pollen particles, making it a little easier to breathe for allergy suffere
40 ft. kinkless, vinyl-covered cord
Unique Adjust-O-Rite® (vacuum gauge) height indicator, with Au-toe-matic® height adjustment system, identifies proper nozzle setting for your carpet height Handle grip designed to ensure comfort while cleaning
Brush light sensor lets you know when it’s time to service the belt or the revolving brush
Deodorizer feature freshens your carpet as you vacuum
Metalic Grey Headlight allows you to spot dirt that lingers underneath furniture and beds
7 year factory warranty

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