At Stark’s Vacuums, we carry a wide selection of canister vacuums, uprights, cordless, central vacuum systems, robot vacuums, and much more. One question we get quite often is, 

“Is it better to have a vacuum with or without a bag?”

Vacuum bags are better than bagless vacuums - Stark's Vacuums explains whyAlthough bagged and bagless vacuums work toward the same goal, removing dirt and debris from your home, their method of waste disposal differs. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks – but as you may have guessed from the title of this post, there is a clear winner.

Let us discuss why bagged vacuums are better!

Bagless Vacuums

At Stark’s, we sell both, bagless vacuums and bagged vacuums. Bagless vacuums are a popular choice for those who like to see their vacuum working as the debris fills up the translucent canister. It is also easy to tell when the vacuum needs to be emptied. If you accidentally vacuum up something valuable, it is also much easier to retrieve.

Another benefit of bagless vacuums is that they are an eco-friendlier option. People also like not having to purchase vacuum bags – but it is important to note that most bagless vacuums have HEPA filters that should be replaced every 3-6 months. The life of your filter depends on use and how often your vacuum is regularly cleaned.

Bagless vacuums are not the best choice for those with allergies or those sensitive to dust. They can be messy when emptied and release particles back into the air. Bagless vacuums also hold less than their bagged counterparts, which means having to stop to empty it more often. 

Bagged Vacuums

Bagged vacuum cleaners need to have the pack when it becomes full. Replacing the bag is simple and most vacuum cleaner bags are not expensive. Some vacuum models have an indicator light that will let you know when the bag needs to be changed. A benefit of vacuum cleaner bags is that there is minimal contact with the dust and allergens. Just slip out the old bag and throw it away. No-fuss and no mess.

Bagged vacuum cleaners also tend to hold a couple of pounds of dirt and debris and tend to better at deep cleaning. If you are trying to deep clean and sanitize your home to help prevent illnesses, such as the coronavirus or flu, bags are the way to go! High-quality vacuum bags, like those made by Miele, are designed with multiple layers of protective fiber, which ensures everything you suck up, stays in the bag. For added protection, the bags feature a spring-loaded seal that holds dirt and allergens in when the bag is detached. 

Did you know you can use vacuum bags to make homemade masks?

Not that crafty? Stark’s is now offering 3 Layer Antibacterial Surgical Face Masks! 

  • 3 Layers: UV Filter + Dust Filter + Sweat Filter
  • High-quality washable mask that is water-resistant and designed for protection and comfortable daily use.
  • Water-resistant

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Why Bagged Vacuum Cleaners are Better Than Bagless - Starks Vacuums

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