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We’ve been in the vacuum business since 1932, providing households and businesses with vacuums, repairs, and maintenance that they can trust. We’re proud to serve the Portland OR area, providing our friends and neighbors with quality vacuums and excellent customer service. When you come into Stark’s showroom to choose a vacuum, we’ll walk you through any and every brand that you want to explore. By determining your household needs and vacuum desires, we can find the perfect model and vacuum brand for you. We perform excellent vacuum maintenance and repairs, and we’re always available for expert advice. But don’t take our word for it–read what our customers have to say about Stark’s Vacuums!
The best customer service in the world!!! We needed a new part and the representative was so helpful. Will always buy from Shark!!!
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Julia Karnes
I loved the Beaverton location when we lived in Portland, but since moving to Vancouver I love this location more! The staff is so helpful. They’ve fixed my Beam 650TBN to my upright Dyson in very reasonable time and a fair price.
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Ben B. Avatar
Ben B.
Christopher is the vacuum expert I needed! Highly recommend this shop if in need of any assistance and ask for Christopher
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Sadie S. Avatar
Sadie S.
Great customer service at this place!! Went there today for the second time to have them replace a part and it’s been super cheap and fast both times. And they don’t judge me for my dirty vacuum 😅 the guys are always also very friendly.
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We shopped there. They seem quite overpriced. They only give a small dollar amount for a trade in but we accepted it because it was more than zero that we would’ve gotten for donating our Kirby to charity. Go to Bi-Mart or similar place.
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jwilsonent c. Avatar
jwilsonent c.
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Rusty-Pile-Restoration Avatar
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Carl F. Avatar
Carl F.
We have been customers of Stark’s for decades, going back to the days when we would visit large store between (what was then) SE Grand and SE Union Avenues, and there were not as many convenient neighborhood locations. Since then, we have purchased various cleaning aids, had repair work performed, and obtained spare parts (such as drive belts) for the machines in (almost daily) use in our house. When our youngest daughter moved out, her first vacuum cleaner came from Starks. The folks behind the counter at the SE 83rd & Stark Street location are unfailing in their courteous customer service, and the pricing is always fair. [One note: Just recently (on a Monday afternoon), the Montavilla Sewing Center (at the Montavilla location) had been partitioned off from Starks. That may have been a temporary measure since there was a sewing class in progress at the time. The partition caused patrons to use specific exterior entries to the emporium of their choice rather than being able to commute freely between the two businesses within the building.]
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Pattye Avatar
Staff was friendly and accommodating.
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camila c. Avatar
camila c.
Very helpful and nice, helped clean and fix my vacuum! This was my first time here and I didn’t get charged.
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Steven W. Avatar
Steven W.
I have only great things to say about this location! Amazing staff, very helpful, Tristan always goes above and beyond and is extremely helpful.
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R N. Avatar
R N.
Super helpful and kind. Offered a very fair (and free) counter assessment. Just waiting on the part. Also, was surprised how hopping the location was!
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Kimberly R. Avatar
Kimberly R.
Huge selection- wide price range. Tons of vacuum cleaner bags, filters and accessories. Great customer service. They also service and repair!
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April H. Avatar
April H.
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Fixed my vacuum on the spot for only $20.
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Andrew Avatar
Absolutely the best customer experience I’ve ever experience. My partners claimed the vacuum was broken and wanted a new one, but these fine gentlemen were able to fix my vacuum and saved me some nice chunk of change. Gladly appreciate your work! Thank you.
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Marshall Avatar
Great service! Helped me right away and fixed both of my vacuums within 5 mins. Highly recommend fixing with this company.
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Mary E. Avatar
Mary E.
Extremely helpful and polite. Went in for a repair and they fixed it immediately. Wouldn’t take any money, just asked for a recommendation. I’ll gladly give it!
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Elisabeth B. Avatar
Elisabeth B.
This place is hands down the best. Nobody can compete with their customer service and expertise. My kid vacuumed up a ball that got stuck inside my Miele. Brought it in and they took it apart and removed the ball on spot. Stark’s has been the go-to vacuum store for decades for a reason.
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My sister purchased a repaired vacuum for me in the early 1970’s from Starks at their Grand Ave store. It lasted for over 15 years. I will be taking a vacuum in for repair. Here’s hoping this one will last 15 years.
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Steven S. Avatar
Steven S.
They don’t carry iRobot parts; when asked about whether they could order parts, they recommended I buy off Amazon since that’s what they would be doing anyway.
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Ivan S. Avatar
Ivan S.
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skaggster Avatar
Tristen was so helpful. This place is gold in the customer service dept. thank you
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Patricia Griffiths
Fabulous customer service! My vacuum hose had clogged. I walked into Starks in Beaverton. Rick greeted me fixed it pronto then double -checked it. He was very polite and did not even charge me. This is not the first time I’ve had them help me, and each time, the staff has been great!
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Mark S. Avatar
Mark S.
Bought a new vacuum and got great service from the staff.
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Jody O. Avatar
Jody O.
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Paula M. Avatar
Paula M.
My hubby and I rented a carpet cleaner and the cleaner worked so well! Out carpets in our home look brand new! The employee was very friendly and took his time to explain to us how to use the cleaner, which is very easy to use. Our family is definitely renting a carpet cleaner from “Starks” again!
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Keith B. Avatar
Keith B.
Very friendly and helpful. Changed out the pain in the butt belt from my carpet shampooer for $15. Good staff. Highly reccomend.
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Louise L. Avatar
Louise L.
I thought for sure I would need to leave my vacuum for repair but David fixed it on the spot in about 10mins. I am very pleased and recommend Stark’s Vacuums to keep your vacuum in top running order
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Cathy S. Avatar
Cathy S.
Polite and knowledgeable. Had a part in stock for an older vacuum cleaner 😁
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Anna R. Avatar
Anna R.
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