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Your vacuum cleaner is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. From vacuuming up mud in the hallway, to removing pet hair from your sofa, your vacuum has a big job to do! All of that dirt, dust, and hair has to go somewhere, and typically into a vacuum bag. It’s important to monitor and replace your vacuum bag whenever it fills up–especially if you use it frequently!

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Types of Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The first step to a successful bag replacement is to determine the make and model of your vacuum. The make refers to the manufacturer of your vacuum (ie Miele, Royal, etc) and the model refers to the specific appliance. Model numbers can typically be found on the outside of the vacuum, the inside of the bag cover, or within the owner’s manual.

The type of vacuum cleaner you own will also determine what kind of bag is right for your appliance. “Type” refers to style: upright, canister, stick, handheld, etc. In order to find the right replacement bag, you’ll need to match your type with a specific bag. When packages of vacuum bags are sold, they have bold letters printed on the outside. These letters types refer to the type of vacuum the bags will fit!

After determining your make, model, and type of vacuum, you’re that much closer to finding the perfect replacement bag. If you have any doubts about which vacuum model you have, or which type of bag you need, give Stark’s a call or stop into one of our locations! We would be more than happy to help you find the right vacuum replacement bag.

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How Often Should I Change the Bag in My Vacuum?

Depending on the make and model of your vacuum, an indicator light may come on when the bag needs to be changed. There are other signs your bag needs to be replaced, including:

  • A reduction in suction power
  • The presence of dust on the outside of the vacuum
  • A musty smell from your vacuum

Generally, if you’ve used your vacuum consistently for more than a month, your bag needs to be changed. If you use your vacuum to clean up a lot of pet hair, you will also need to change the bag more frequently. Lightweight materials like hair can fill up a bag faster.

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Let Stark’s take the stress out of vacuuming! Come into Stark’s showroom to choose a vacuum, find replacement vacuum bags, or explore special attachments. If your vacuum model has been discontinued, don’t worry–we carry a huge line of vacuum bags, including generic bags that are meant for older models, and we can help you find the right vacuum cleaner replacement bag.

Need a new vacuum? With Stark’s Low Price Guarantee and extended warranty, you can buy your new favorite vacuum with total confidence! We’ll walk you through any and every brand that you want to try, from Dyson canister vacuums to Miele uprights. Come into Stark’s today, and find out which vacuum is right for you!

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