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Vacuum Accessories and Attachments


Vacuum accessories and attachments are an amazing way to boost the performance and versatility of your machine. After choosing the right model for your household or business, we’ll help you determine which vacuum attachments will benefit you most.

Stark’s Vacuums Carries 5000+ Parts, Bags, Belts and Filters

We carry more than 200 vacuum bag styles, hundreds of filters and belt types, over 50 hose styles and hard to find parts and accessories for most major brands.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can special order hard to find items for virtually any vacuum cleaner make or model.

The Best Vacuum Attachments

The right attachment for your vacuum can make a world of difference in your cleaning. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Extended hoses: These can help you clean high ceilings or hard to reach places. They can also make cleaning a large area more convenient.
  • Brushes: Some vacuum models come with different brushes to enhance cleaning.
    • Vacuums meant for cleaning pet hair are especially adept at designing efficient brushes.
    • Hardwood floor brushes can prevent your vacuum from damaging your wood floors.
    • Shag carpet brushes can allow your vacuum to get even the deepest dirt out of your carpet.
  • Corner-cleaning: There’s nothing better for corners and under baseboards than an excellently designed corner attachment.
  • Upholstery tools: Upright vacuums and couches don’t generally mix very well. That’s where upholstery tools save the day! Simply detach the hose from the main body, and attach your upholstery tool. No more couch crumbs!

Vacuum Supplies for Superior Clean

Not sure which bag or filter you need? Bring in your old one! We’re also happy to give advice on which belt or cleaning product works best with your vacuum, and we keep a large supply of all vacuum supplies on-hand at each location.

Get Expert Help!

Stark’s Vacuums is proud to be your local source for all-things-vacuum, and we’d love to help you!

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Vacuum Attachments for Pet Hair

Pet hair can be difficult to vacuum with a single-purpose vacuum, especially if you have multiple type of flooring throughout your house. There are attachments for vacuums intended to deal with pet hair in a convenient and mess-free way, and they can make a big difference! Whether it’s a tangle-free power brush for your high-pile carpeting, or a special crevice attachment for the corners of your couch, there’s a vacuum attachment to beat any amount of pet hair.

Attachments for Central Vacuums

When it comes to adaptability and versatility, nothing beats central vacuum attachments. Central vacuum manufacturers have made it easier than ever to swap and switch your tools and hoses out–you can have a soft brush for your hardwood floors, a power brush for your shag carpet, and a special attachment for upholstery! And because central vacuuming is so easy and convenient to use throughout your house, you’ll never have to compromise on vacuum cleaning again.

Vacuum Accessories and Attachments - Starks Vacuums

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