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    • 3 Layers: Water Resistant, .3 Micron Filter Layer & Moisture Wicking
    • Nose Guard: Helps Prevent Glasses From Fogging.
    • Antimicrobial: Keep Bacteria Off The Fabric.
    • Mix & Match! Clear Selection To Reset
    • Corporate, School & Resell Available – See Below

    BUY 4 GET 1 FREE  | BUY 8 GET 2 FREE

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Product Description

Click here for corporate/resale/school inquiries

ORDERS SHIPPING IN 7-12 Days | Tracking Sent When Shipped Automatically


Regular/Adult – One Size Fit’s Most – Will fit Most teens and adults.

  • Dimensions: 5.5″h X 7.5″w with Cloth ear loops,
  • Stark’s Face Mask 2.0Black, Blue, Light Grey & Graphite are version 2.o are  adjustable from Small to XL (As of July 27th 2020)

Kid’s/Small – Fits Most 3 years of age to adult. Elastic ear loops with adjusters.  Very versatile size that will fit a wide range!

  • Dimensions 5″h X 6.25″w with elastic ear loops and adjusters.  Will fit from most kids from 2 years old to small adults due to generous elastic and adjusters.

PRODUCT CHANGES – Adjustable From Small To XL 

Stark’s is always looking to improve our product offering and masks are no different.  This has been a new learning experience for all of us and we are making adjustments based on customer feedback.  As a transitional step most masks now include adjusting beads in the package.  We are making a change to all regular sized masks to have longer ear loops and adjusting beads installed out of the box.  During the transition some masks may come with longer ear straps and beads in the bag.  Black & Graphite are currently shipping with longer ear straps and adjusting beads as of 7/31.  within a few weeks all of our colors will be adjustable.


  • 3 Layers: Water Resistant Outer Layer/.3 Micron Polypropylene Filter Layer /Moisture Wicking Inner Layer
  • Protech 3 Layer mask is WRAP certified and made of polyester and PP Cotton(unwoven polypropylene .3 micron filter layer) .
  • Water resistance feature of outer layer provided extra protection against moisture in the air and is also UVA and UVB resistance to protect from the suns harmful rays.
  • Washable & Reusable – Filtering ability unaffected by washing.  Can be hand or machine washed.  Water resistance will be reduced over time from washing.
  • Beautiful and comfortable design with pop up nose guard to provide comfort and help prevent glasses from fogging.


In order to help prevent fogging pull the nose guard as high as possible on your nose so the lower rim of your glasses rest on it.  This will create a seal but may require some adjusting to get the placement correct for maximum benefit.  For some customers that want a more customized fit or don’t wear glasses we recommend purchasing metal nose pieces with adhesive on one side(we don’t carry them).  Available on Amazon in 100 packs or other online retailers.

Minimum Order Quantity Is 2 Online But 1 In Store


The current situation with COVID-19 has affected our business on multiple fronts, from staffing, shipping and supply chain and presented challenges we have never experienced.

During this time all sales are final and returns and exchanges are only for manufacturer defects.

Things are a little backed up on our end with many customers ordering masks.  Rest Assured, we’re working hard to deliver your orders as soon as possible, while caring for the health and safety of our team members.  Orders are shipping daily and we will be fully caught up within the week.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Stay Safe.

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68 reviews for Starks Face Covering

  1. Chris

    Best quality mask I’ve seen online! Thank you Starks.

  2. Edith Jobe


  3. Edith Jobe

    Good Quality

  4. Sophie Vacharakiat

    Best quality mask

  5. Bridgette

    I Would Like To Order Some Mask,..Just Checking To See If This Is A Real Site

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Real site with 10 retail stores.

  6. Cheryl (verified owner)

    I received my masks today and I am really happy with them. Good quality

  7. Rachel Warren (verified owner)

    Good quality mask and timely shipping!

  8. Joy Scott (verified owner)

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get information on when my masks will arrive. I got noticed that they were processed but no idea when they will arrive. Sorry to bother you

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      What is your order number, we are packing and shipping the 30th, and May 1st right now.

  9. Susan Schommer (verified owner)

    Received my mask on date I was told. Nice mask, fits good and I like the soft nose guard. Going to order more. Thank you!

  10. Mike

    Wondering if you have large sizes?

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      we are adjusting the product and increasing the width by 2 cm and the height by 1. We only make the one size.

  11. JO

    Thank you for such fast service.
    The masks are great..Told friends about them.
    Keep up the good work..Thanks again!

  12. Nicole Omiatek (verified owner)

    I ordered and received one mask. It is excellent! Great quality and fits me well. Other masks have been too big, but this fits my face nicely. I was planning to buy more, but see a comment that the size is being increased. I am concerned that the new size will work for me?

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      It’s a very slight change, 2cm to width and 1cm to height.

  13. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I placed my order for 4 masks on 4/29/20 and just received my 5 masks today on 5/13/20. I tried on one of the mask and initially thought it was a little loose, but it’s one size fits all. As long as it doesn’t slip off my nose/face, it’s fine. It does stay in my face and the one feature I eagerly wanted to test out was the little flap you pull out so your glasses don’t fog up. It really works. These masks are a great size, not bulky or too big for your face. Be patient as these masks are well worth the wait during these times.

  14. Katrina (verified owner)

    It is a good quality mask and it fits my face perfectly.

  15. Dan Smith

    Are they Machine washable?

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Yes but hand washing and drying will retain water resistance longer

  16. Maribel (verified owner)

    I love it

  17. Joanne H. (verified owner)

    Thank you for my masks! I’m really pleased with them. The label says to “rinse with light saline to maximize antibacterial effect.” Do I just use regular salt?

  18. Sylvia M Maitin


  19. Caridad Espina (verified owner)

    I just received my orden today !! Thanks. It is a good quality mask and it fits my face perfectly.

  20. Tracey

    Would like to take advantage of your buy 6 get 2 free. Is it possible to do this by mixing both black and white mask options? Thank you!

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Yes you can mix just change the drop down to desired color and add to cart, change to other color and add to cart again.

  21. MAF (verified owner)

    Received my masks yesterday. The masks are extremely comfortable, not too tight, not too hot, and yet still feel very safe and effective. There was a delay in shipping, but my understanding is that was due to a delay in manufacturing, which will likely be resolved in the future. Regardless, the wait was worth it. Thank you!

  22. Todd (verified owner)

    I received my masks today and did find they are breathable as advertised. The mask fits fine, especially with the nose flap, though I was hoping for a little more elasticity on the ear loops. On the directions, it says to hand wash after “each” use (which would mean 1 day?) and that each mask would be able to withstand 30 washings, so I have at least 5 months’ worth of face coverage. Can they hold up after longer than that? I am glad to support a very local business like Stark’s during this time, though I thought they were being made by Stark’s themselves, given their work in the vacuum industry and dealing with filtration.

  23. Marie

    Nice looking mask and appreciate the nose guard. Curious about the dust filter layer? Is that what is recommended for masks to block coronavirus? What is it made of?

  24. Tami Martin (verified owner)

    Quick and thoughtful shipping, and received a quality product. We ordered all black and they are each very well made and come individually packaged. The nose bridge piece is a smart feature, and flips up or tucks in as needed for fit and comfort. You exceeded my customer service expectations as well. Highly recommended and happy to support a local company.

  25. Peg Bumb (verified owner)

    I was pleased with the masks and they arrived right when they were promised, 2-3 weeks. Good quality product and good customer service.

  26. Leslee

    We’ve tried a lot of masks recently, and these have been the best-fitting and most comfortable. While the nose band doesn’t completely prevent glasses from fogging, it definitely helps.

  27. Alfonso

    Wow! Due to Covid pandemic I have purchase an abundance of mask from different suppliers. Stark’s masks are by far the most comfortable and advance mask I have purchased. Thank you!!

  28. Jeffrey Hines (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered several masks trying to find one that fit and most importantly comfortable to wear. This mask is by far my favorite! I even used it in a bad air quality situation that was triggering an asthma attack and it quickly stopped it! Great design!

  29. Trisha N. (verified owner)

    I want to add to previous review. It was never said mentioned in the details that this mask is hand wash only and that you only can wash it 30 times….only that certain properties are lost after 30 or more washes. When you get the mask, directions specifically say they can only be washed 30 times…. Very disappointed.

  30. Radine (verified owner)

    Just recieved my masks and they’re great! Quality is excellent. Mask is breathable and it doesnt fog my glasses!! Thank you!!

  31. Sherri Howe (verified owner)

    Eyeglass wearers: take note!! I have been ordering masks off of Amazon, Etsy, and all kinds of random places, trying to find one that doesn’t steam up my eyeglasses. FINALLY!!! The way they are designed allows for a little pocket where my eyeglasses sit above the main mask, but a thin piece of fabric goes up my nose and sits under my glasses (very comfortably). It feels breathable (my face doesn’t sweat when wearing it). It was a little on the larger side, but I can tighten up the ear straps to make it fit perfectly. I only wish they came in more colors! It took a while for my shipment to arrive (they had advertised delays due to inventory), and it was WORTH THE WAIT.

  32. TG (verified owner)

    Best mask I have tried so far. Love the nose guard that prevents my glasses from fogging up. A little loose on me so I have to use a ribbon to tighten the back. But otherwise fabulous. Fits my husband perfectly. He wears his most of the day at work, so being able to hand wash it each night and air dry has been convenient. Doesn’t leave marks on his face either.

  33. Kate

    I have the same mask for sever months now, they’re great I just throw mine in with my laundry to clean it and it stays intact every time!! 10/10

  34. WILLIAM CARRIGER (verified owner)

    Best non-N95 I have used and I have tried several from online. Comfortable, BREATHABLE, and doesn’t fog my glasses. Finally!

  35. G. Rodgers (verified owner)

    Love the masks. Took a bit for the shipping but totally understandable right now. Question is that the masks should be rinsed in a “Light Saline Solution” Is this something I can make at home? Any suggestions? Have sent many people your way.

  36. denise landis (verified owner)

    These are the best face masks I have worn. Great design, comfortable and breathable.

  37. Thu Nguyen (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality!!! Well worth the wait time. Best quality mask out there by far. Thank you!!

  38. Channing Brown (verified owner)

    I got my two masks today after ordering from them 2 weeks ago.

    The masks are so well designed and there is tantamount quality and attention to the design. It’s not your typical “40 year old Etsy crafter tries a hand at masks” stuff.

    I understand a lot of people are upset or concerned about arrival of masks. Facebook is saturated, to DEATH, of fake storefronts.
    This isn’t one of them. I took a chance with Stark’s solely because they have credible physical stores. Kinda weird for a local-chain Mom-and-Pop store to stub people on masks, yeah?

    So I took my chance because I was sick of my “40 year old Etsy crafter tries to make cute Star Wars masks” suffocating me to death with thick cotton and fogging my glasses up.

    Their masks effectively combat against glasses fogging and offer way better breathing while it passes through another filter.

    It’s approved for up to 30 washes which is more than reasonable considered what’s inside. It’s legit. And I shelled out for two masks and it was reasonable because now I finally got them in hand, the stitching is great, the fit is good. I can’t really say any more other than for these still waiting for theirs….

    Be patient. They’re coming. And when it arrives, you will be SO happy and satisfied. Like me.

  39. Ron Dallman (verified owner)

    I love the masks I got, I tried to order more, but never got a confirmation, TWICE! I’d give five stars if I could get a reorder confirmation.

  40. Kim Cheng (verified owner)

    Received my masks today and they are soooo comfortable. What does it mean to saline rinse them? Can I dissolve some of my salt packets I use with my neti pot to do this?


  41. Susan Green (verified owner)

    quality is outstanding and the nose guard works perfectly- just wish they came in cotton instead of polyester so they would be cooler in the summer

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      These are actually cooler then cotton due to the moisture wicking.

  42. SHAUN NEAL (verified owner)

    I received my masks 24 days after my order, and I am impressed with the quality. They fit the adults in our house, but they are too big for my 10-year-old. Great masks, reasonable shipping time.

  43. Melanie Berlin (verified owner)

    This is the first mask I’ve found, after trying at least 5 other brands, that is comfortable, breathable, and doesn’t cause my glasses to fog. The design and quality is superior to everything else I’ve worn!

  44. Pamela Ciekanowski (verified owner)

    Thank you, my masks are great! Well worth the wait, I will be ordering more. I love the extra on the nose part, my glasses don’t get foggy!! They are a little big but I cut the ear bands and tied them a bit to fit me better. No lip sweats during a heat wave too!! Nice!!!

  45. Cynthia rosen-malter (verified owner)

    Yes, they took a few weeks to get, though shipping time is evidently getting shorter, BUT these masks are so easy to wear, I am thrilled. They are a bit pricey but have enough body to keep shape, are easily breathable yet are comfortable and the layer that covers the nose area fits really well. I especially like how soft and comfortable they are. I do wear glasses and the nose flap is fabulous so my glasses don’t fog. And the quick hand wash is easy. Thank you Starks.

  46. Nancy Carver (verified owner)

    No glasses fogging, light weight, washes nicely. This is my 2nd purchase and my friend liked mine so, bought some for herself.
    Cord locks are a good addition
    Would love it if you sold the Hepa filters alone. I have other masks I bought before I discovered yours. Would like to be able to add a good filter to them!

  47. Fredi-Marie Necochea (verified owner)

    Really nice masks!! Fit good and really like the fact they DO NOT fog up your glasses!!
    Shipping was fast too. Was real surprised when I got them today when I just ordered
    them last week!! Thank you Starks “good job” !!😊

  48. Evelyn

    I received my masks today (sooner than expected!). I am impressed with the quality, but also with the professionalism of the company since they kept sending me updates regarding the delivery of the masks. I will definitely order from them gain! Thank you!

  49. Sandy Aguiar (verified owner)

    Read all the great reviews for these masks but they don’t even come close to describe how wonderful these masks are! So soft and comfortable. The anti glasses fog feature is beyond fantastic! I have tried several other styles of masks to prevent fogging but none have worked. First day wearing this mask and not one single issue with foggy glasses. Thank you for this great product!!

  50. LJ Thompson (verified owner)

    Received masks today. Comfortable and well made. Are as expected. Highly recommend. Thanks for the prompt service.

  51. Kelly (verified owner)

    Very happy with my masks. Great quality. Qould highly recommend.

  52. Eli B

    Fantastic masks! We love the anti-fog nose piece. After our first order, my mother-in-law bought some and now we are ordering again!

  53. Natalie Fernandes (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and no glasses fog even on a one hour hike! Wish they came in kids sizes.

  54. Pamela Johnson (verified owner)

    I love these masks. They are perfect for people who wear glasses! I ordered 2 and plan to order more..

  55. Diane Willocks (verified owner)

    Got my new masks and am delighted. These are the most comfortable masks I have. I love that they are washable. I’m going to order another one.

  56. Barbara L Kimble (verified owner)

    Excellent mask. Very comfortable. Right size for me but a little small for my husband. Still, I totally recomment this mask.

  57. Kimberly Grogan (verified owner)

    I love these masks! The nose guard keeps my glasses from fogging up and they stay off my mouth. When I breathe in the air is cooler. I did a video review on my Facebook and I think got you a lot of business 🙂 I will order more for sure!

  58. S Anderson (verified owner)

    Received our two masks and am really happy with them. If I order two more, that makes four. Will I still get a free one? That would be great. Thanks!

  59. Amy Larson (verified owner)

    Love the masks! Kids sizes please!!!

  60. Debra

    How do I get the free masks order? Every time I had a mask, I’m charged for it. Do I not get to pick the color of the free masks? Or do I need a coupon code to be able to select the color of the free masks I want and not be charged for them. I have read your information over and over. And I can’t find any instruction on how I order the free masks. This is annoying.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Only add 4 masks to your order we will add the 5th during packing.

  61. Maryann Shupack (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and well made.

  62. AC (verified owner)

    Excellent mask. I use it every day it is easy to clean. Very comfortable to wear and breathable and does not fog up glasses if properly worn. I wear all day long at my job and in public. Have no problems with it. Only thing I would change on this is to make an adjustable so it can be set longer or shorter according to the persons using it.

  63. M. McKinney

    Nice masks would be even nicer if there was a way to make the ear pieces adjust to fit all faces

  64. Stephanie Hime (verified owner)

    Love my mask so much I’ve ordered more! Very comfortable and my glasses don’t fog! I read that children size masks are coming soon, can you give me more details. My grandson wears glasses and his current mask doesn’t help with fogging. Thank you!

  65. Rob (verified owner)

    Great mask. I would appreciate it if you produced a larger version of the mask. Thanks

  66. Kristina Huffman (verified owner)

    As an airline pilot, it is challenging to find a mask that will function effectively while working and still ensure anti-fogging of my glasses and allow clear communications. Stark’s masks have well exceeded my expectations! The masks are a first that accomplish all this while still offering the comfort to be able to wear for extended time frames. I highly recommend these masks to all my airline colleagues!

  67. Billy Pierce (verified owner)

    I think you’re masks for wonderful

  68. Armando urquidez

    The mask offers great protection and are very breathable. I love the extra material for nose coverage. Have already ordered 8. This is my go to place for masks.

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