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Stark’s Face Covering

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  • 3 Layers: Water Resistant, .3 Micron Polypropylene Filter Layer & Moisture Wicking.
  • Washable & Reusable: Save money & environmentally friendly.
  • Nose Guard: Helps Prevent Glasses From Fogging.
  • Adjustable: 2 adjustable sizes to fit the entire family.
  • Antimicrobial: Keep bacteria off the fabric.
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Nose Bridge Strips (50) Custom fit nose guard for secure fit.

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Regular/Adult – Adjustable fits teens and adults.  Cloth ear loops with adjusters installed.

  • All Masks (Except green with yellow trim) are adjustable now with longer ear loops to fit a wider range.
  • Dimensions: 6″h X 7.5″ wide without ear loops.  Some size variation is normal

Kids/Small – Fits Most 2 years of age to adult. Elastic ear loops with adjusters.  Very versatile size that will fit a wide range!

  • Dimensions: 5″h X 6.25″w (not including elastic ear loops).  Elastic adjustable ear loops.  Some size variation is normal
  • Masks may have white or black elastic due to supply chain if pictured with white.  If pictured as black they will have black elastic.


  • 3 Layers: Water Resistant Outer Layer/ Polypropylene Filter Layer /Moisture Wicking Inner Layer
  • Our 3 Layer mask is WRAP certified and made of polyester and PP Cotton(unwoven polypropylene filter layer).
  • Water resistance feature of outer layer provided extra protection against moisture in the air and is also UVA and UVB resistance to protect from the suns harmful rays.
  • Washable & Reusable – Filtering ability unaffected by washing.  Can be hand or machine washed.  Hand washing recommended.  Water resistance will be reduced over time from washing.
  • Beautiful and comfortable design with pop up nose guard provides comfort and helps prevent glasses from fogging.

Anti Fog Nose Guard

In order to help prevent fogging, pull the nose guard as high as possible on your nose so the lower rim of your glasses rests on it.  This will create a seal and may require some adjusting to get the placement correct for maximum benefit.  For some customers that want a more customized fit or don’t wear glasses we recommend purchasing metal nose pieces with adhesive on one side.  They can be purchased from us here.  CLICK TO BUY NOSE BRIDGE STRIPS

Minimum Order Quantity Is 2 Online But 1 In Store


The current situation has affected our business on multiple fronts, from staffing, shipping and supply chain and presented challenges we have never experienced.  For the protection of our staff, returns are only accepted for manufacturer defects.

For support please email

766 reviews for Stark’s Face Covering

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    Favorite masks! I have tried other masks, but keep going back to the Stark ones — soft, comfortable, doesn’t get soggy. Great masks! I would love to see Stark submit the masks to NIOSH testing to determine the filtration capability. I suspect it would do quite well, maybe even comparable to a disposable surgical mask.

  2. J Armfield (verified owner)

    I’ve had my black Stark’s facemask for about a year now, and it is the only one I use. It gets hand washed and air dried multiple times per week, and has definitely stood the test of time. No issues whatsoever, and has not frayed at all. I have worn this mask for over 24 hours straight during international travel, and it has always remains cool and comfortable. Absolutely recommend this brand!

  3. Gabe (verified owner)

    I’ve been working as a mover in NYC during the pandemic and wearing these masks almost since the beginning. Cannot recommend them enough, they’re breathable even when I’m sweating bringing items up to a 5-floor walkup in summer. They also really help keep my glasses unfogged.

  4. Michael West (verified owner)

    Excellent mask. Great service. Fast delivery.

  5. Charlie (verified owner)

    Love your masks!

  6. Holly Barrick (verified owner)

    I love these masks, especially for my son at school. However, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! I found out the hard way that doing so completely ruins the elastic in the straps of the small masks, making them unusable. It was my own fault and I did it on accident – I normally air dry my masks. Big, expensive, “oops.”

  7. Holly Barrick (verified owner)

    I love these masks, especially for my son at school. However, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! I found out the hard way that doing so completely ruins the elastic in the straps of the small masks, making them unusable. It was my own fault and I did it on accident – I normally air dry my masks. Big, expensive, “oops.”

  8. Emily Summerer (verified owner)

    Just placed my second mask order. We have tried many masks and my kids (9 and 5 years old) have both said this is their favorite mask to wear. Both of my two older kids wear glasses and this mask has worked great so far. This is their preferred masks to wear to school. They tell me how comfortable they are and they don’t mind wearing them. It is hard to find a mask that works well with glasses and a child face and I am so glad we found this brand.

  9. Anne (verified owner)

    Great fitting, comfortable and sturdy. This is my second purchase of masks. I really appreciate the prompt delivery via USPS.

  10. Rebecca A Rahmoeller (verified owner)

    Of all the masks I have worn these many, many months, it is yours that I have liked the best! They are comfortable, breathable, protective, and stylish. Now, as this pandemic continues, have ordered some extras, and am thrilled that I will have the nose wires this time.

  11. Manuel Moreno (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase. First time around they only offered black and white colors and no adjustable straps. Now they offer multiple colors and adjustable straps, nice work! This truly is a great mask – good coverage and the extending flap at the top prevents my glasses from fogging up – the best feature, in my opinion. They also didn’t offer the bridge guards my first time around, but the mask works perfectly fine without one – no fogging of the glasses! I have a lot of masks, and this is one of the best I’ve found. It’s an excellent product.

  12. Manuel Moreno (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase. First time around they only offered black and white colors and no adjustable straps. Now they offer multiple colors and adjustable straps, nice work! This truly is a great mask – good coverage and the extending flap at the top prevents my glasses from fogging up – the best feature, in my opinion. They also didn’t offer the bridge guards my first time around, but the mask works perfectly fine without one – no fogging of the glasses! I have a lot of masks, and this is one of the best I’ve found. It’s an excellent product.

  13. Anita (verified owner)

    Second time purchaser, love the adjustable ear loops and colors! The fabric dries quickly, these fit well, and keep my glasses from fogging up.

  14. ann (verified owner)

    These have been our favorite masks and we have many both regular and small sizes. I recently ordered more and the small purple masks came with ear loops that are different than previous orders; the loops are NOT stretchy and are scratchy and uncomfortable. 5 stars for the old style loops, 1 for the new.

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    I have bought these masks twice now. They are my favorite and the most comfortable. I wear a silicone face shield under my mask and Stark’s work best with it! I also love all the new colors!

  16. Peggy Scales (verified owner)

    Your masks make me feel safe.
    (To be sung): 🎶🎶 “Who could ask for anything more?”🎶🎶

  17. Kellen Plomski (verified owner)

    Mask fits ok, everyone has a different shaped face. I wish the nose strip was incorporated and it had an underchin panel for beards. This is portland…

  18. Margie

    Works the best for wearing glasses and they are comfortable

  19. Andi (verified owner)

    I have purchased several different masks and these have consistently been my favorite. They are light on my face, I can breathe easily, and they don’t irritate the backs of my ears. In general they work well with my reading glasses although I sometimes get a little fog. Not much though. I am going to purchase the nose bridge strips now to see if this helps. And I am ordering some different colors besides just black as I decided this is my favorite mask so I need to stock up. These even work well over a disposable mask when I want to double-mask in the grocery store.

  20. KG

    We bought these for our warehouse staff and out of the half dozen or so places we’ve purchased masks from these are a clear favorite. They throw around 40-50 lb boxes and are constantly in motion 8+ hours a day and we have had 0 complaints about these masks. We will definitely purchase these again.

  21. CLMM (verified owner)

    My favorite mask by far! I can breath easily and it’s very comfortable.

  22. Fran (verified owner)

    Just got my second order. These are by far the BEST masks around. You can breath with out fogging up.

  23. Fran (verified owner)

    Just got my second order. These are by far the BEST masks around. You can breath with out fogging up.

  24. Brittany (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend these masks enough! The quality is fantastic and the material is incredibly breathable; as someone with asthma, I have struggled to find masks that didn’t cause exacerbation. These masks are perfect! I also wear glasses and every single mask I have tried has caused fogging – EXCEPT THESE! They are lightweight, super comfortable, truly anti-fog, and very breathable. I love, love, love them. A+

  25. BARBARA MULLANE (verified owner)

    My second time buying your masks! I love the quality & fits over N95! Cant wait to recieve my second order!

  26. Dianne Thomae (verified owner)

    I have ordered a lot of masks and yours is the best! They have many layers and they fit nice! Also ordered the nose strips

  27. Subashri Buck (verified owner)

    The masks are very comfy and easy to adjust. Very good quality, I recommend this mask for anyone who is looking for a nice breathable mask.

  28. Subashri Buck (verified owner)

    The masks are very comfy and easy to adjust. Very good quality, I recommend this mask for anyone who is looking for a nice breathable mask.

  29. Jen Soohoo (verified owner)

    We just received ours, a kids and an adult and they are fantastic. We have had way too many masks that were poorly made or fit strangely and these are perfect,I couldn’t have designed them better myself.

  30. Susan Manley (verified owner)

    I have probably 10 different types of facemasks. But consistently we reach for the starks masks and they are the ones now that have gotten lost ( because they have been out so much) and so I must replace them. They wash up easily, they fit well, they are comfortable the fabric feels great and breathes well. I really appreciate buying from an American company and getting a solid product that got shipped pretty fast, so we came back for more!

  31. Laraine Humbert (verified owner)

    Great at keeping my glasses from fogging. I work at a client facing job and give out your email almost every day to clients who want to know if they work and where did I get them.

  32. Debbie (verified owner)

    Great masks! I’ve bought so many different masks from various companies in hopes of finding the perfect fit. This is the best I’ve found. I just put in a second order.

  33. Kathy Robertson (verified owner)

    I LOVE these masks and just received my second order. I am a bit disappointed that the purple masks have a white lining. Even with the masks we still wear lipstick or some kind of lip balm and my mask was a mess after the first wearing. With the darker lining you can at least get away with it for a couple of days. LOL

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      The demand was extremely high so we did decide to bring them back in at least 1 more time. It will be a few weeks.

  34. Ethel (verified owner)

    I love these masks and are the best fitting that I’ve found. As an essential worker the layers of fabric and good fit made me feel safer. I’ve recommended these masks to many of the clients.

  35. Penny brill (verified owner)

    The masks arrived quickly. They fit well, are very comfortable, and fit over N95 masks too. They hold up well after repeated washing. I recommend to friends and have reordered. The extra nose-covering fabric works beautifully. Thank you for your outstanding service to protecting our health!!!

  36. Irene Rockwell (verified owner)

    This review is for the original mask, and I agree with Carmen. Keep selling the ones without beads. I bought a bunch of them back in April 2020, and they are extremely comfortable, keep most fog off my glasses, and are still good as new, despite being through the washer and dryer many times. Also, I live in a capital city and have been Uber driving this whole time and have not caught Covid19, the flu, or a cold. Something is keeping the germs away!

    I will definitely hit you up when I’m ready to buy a new vacuum!

  37. Carmen

    I really like these masks but the ones that are available now have longer ear loops with the beads to adjust them the original ones I had ordered did not they just had a nice set length this new adjustable ear length makes the mask extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time as the bead sits right on your ear I could only recommend these mask if they made both options available the adjustable and non adjustable earloop. Thank you

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback. I might suggest you adjust the bead so it sits in front of your ear instead of behind. This is a simple solution but adjusting the position of the bead. Nobody says it has to be behind the ear! Hope that helps.

  38. Sherry Budd (verified owner)

    Well fitting, comfortable and cool. The nose piece is great and does keep my glasses from fogging. I am often asked where I get my masks and am happy to recommend the site.

  39. Geraldine Keith (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd order of 5 face masks. I have bought masks from other sellers, but none of them compare to these masks. They are comfortable and fit nicely. I wear glasses which fit nicely over the nose guard. The price is right and it’s an ecpectioal product.

  40. Bonnie (verified owner)

    I’ve had the first order for months. I appreciate the anti fog piece but still have some trouble. I want to have different colors in one Packet. Possible?

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Yes, we sell individual masks and you can pick each color, the free mask is random.

  41. Tom Whitney (verified owner)

    As a full-time eyeglass wearer…it’s been such a pleasure to find masks that fit well, wash & dry easily, AND can stay on my face -all day- at work without fogging over my glasses! So glad my wife found the Stark’s advertising earlier in 2020!!! Anxious for my next order to arrive this week!

  42. Harold Tucker (verified owner)

    I have used them since I received them. They are great and I just ordered 2 more. Thank you

  43. 5


  44. Dorothy Mason (verified owner)

    Love everything about these masks…the fabric, the fit, the look. I feel safe and they look great. The only comment I would make is that the earpieces are a little too thick. I would rather have thinner ones…they kind of make my ears stick out.

  45. Resa (verified owner)

    These masks are fantastic! They fit well, are easy to clean, and make me feel protected and comfortable. The design is practical, safe, and effective. Highly recommended!

  46. Marie M Hall (verified owner)

    They are the only masks my grandson will use for his work and going out of the house.

  47. Jennifer Hawkins (verified owner)

    I may have submitted a previous positive review earlier in the pandemic, but OMG, I need to reiterate that these masks are the best! I am an early childhood teacher, and must wear my mask all day. These are the only masks I have found that fit well, are comfortable all day- even in the heat, and don’t fog up my glasses. I appreciate that it has the three layers with the extra filtering layer. The quality is amazing. They are breathable, don’t trap moisture, and they have held up extremely well after six months of repeated washing and wearing. I have a set of them now for each day, and some extras to swap out. Thanks so much for the great product. It’s made my pandemic world just a tiny bit easier.

  48. Tara (verified owner)

    Starks masks are my favorite! I have many different brand masks at this point and just ordered more of these. They fit great, I love the nose flap and the multiple layers. If I can’t have an N95- these are what make me feel most confident and protected over other types and brands that I have.

  49. Tara

    Starks masks are my favorite! I have many different brand masks at this point and just ordered more of these. They fit great, I love the nose flap and the multiple layers. If I can’t have an N95- these are what make me feel most confident and protected over other types and brands that I have.

  50. Eileen (verified owner)

    I loved the mask. They are soft. I bought before the ear loops were adjustable, so I needed to sew ear loops to fit me. Also, I wish they had a metal nose guard. I feel it would stay on better and not fog my glasses as much.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      We don’t include it as the option is a metal nose piece with adhesive on one side. This gives us versatility as many customers don’t want or need the metal piece. It is more comfortable without. We will offer the metal nose piece as an add on very soon, otherwise you can get them on Amazon currently. Stay safe.

  51. Dan Carlson (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have ordered. This time I get the adjusters on these great masks. The first time I got them – no adjustments – but were still great masks. I ordered Monday the 25th and got them today – Friday the 29th – in Iowa – amazing. I can’t find better masks, even at twice the price. Staying healthy – Dan

  52. V.J. (verified owner)

    Great face mask. Just sometimes eyeglasses will fog up and the nose flap slides up into the bottom of my eyes. My next order I will order a smaller size to see if this will alleviate my issue.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      You might try adjusting the ear loops. Make the top of the ear loop slightly shorter so it will be tighter on your nose and slightly looser on the chin area. This makes a huge difference as the masks don’t always ship with the adjusters positioned correctly for each person. I hope that helps.

  53. Linda D (verified owner)

    Just received my second order because these are the best masks out of all the others out there. Well made, and I feel that because the seems to be thicker, and after reading how they are made, they are good protection.
    My family wears glasses and the fogging problem is gone with these masks.
    I also figured out how to put the adjustable beads that come on the mask back on………loop a piece of yarn through the ear piece, thread the 2 pieces of yarn through the bead, squeeze the bead as you pull it up over the earpiece of the mask. Anyway, Starks you rocked these masks. Thank you.

  54. Ande (verified owner)

    Stark’s masks are the best I’ve seen. The nose flap doesn’t work completely for me, but I have a small face and a very narrow nose. Also, I have wire-rimmed glasses that sit very high on my nose, so the placement isn’t quite right to really have that work the way it’s supposed to, but the masks are extremely comfortable, well-made, easily washable, and quite durable. I’ll definitely order more if and when my current stock of Stark’s masks wear out.

  55. Neda West (verified owner)

    The Stark’s masks are my favorite masks. They are very comfortable and wash well (holding their original shape and size). They are the only masks I can wear with my glasses without having my glasses fog up. I think these masks are a great product and are reasonably priced (and Starks provides good sale opportunities as well).

  56. Joseph D Lanouette

    My wife loves their masks. Enough said. 🙂

  57. Matt (verified owner)

    Very upset with the order I placed. The blue masks I ordered are a light Carolina blue as opposed to the royal blue shown in the picture. I did the buy 4 get 1 free mask and received a pink mask when all the other masks I ordered were blue. I now have five masks I won’t use and Starks refuses to allow me to exchange them. I understand they can’t be used by anyone else but if I am willing to pay to ship them back to get something I would wear, I would have hoped they would have taken me up on that offer. I’ll be going elsewhere now.

  58. Matt (verified owner)

    Great mask, fits very well!!!

  59. Bonnie Peterman (verified owner)

    I don’t remember how I found these, but I’m so glad I did. I love that they’re triple layer and that they have the nose flap and adjustable ear loops. When we got our first order and my son wore them to work he said everyone was asking where he got them. Thank you so much for the great mask.

  60. Starr Love (verified owner)

    As a glasses-wearer, it is notoriously difficult to find a mask that fits, is safe, and allows me to see while I exhale. This is the only ,ask I’ve seen with the simple idea of a cloth nose flap that goes under your glasses to prevent fogging!
    I am very active at work, so I spent 5 minutes custom-fitting the chin area with a simple stitch and I use double-sided apparel tape to lock the nose flap down (plastic frames tend to slide on my nose and eventually push the fabric down). The adjusters on the ears is exactly the upgrade this mask needed!
    So here I am, buying more because now my boyfriend wants some, and I’ve sold at least 2 of my co-workers on these! Thank you, Stark’s, from glasses-wearers everywhere! <3

  61. Mary Zabik (verified owner)

    This is best mask I have tried. I work 10+ hour shifts in an Amazon warehouse. This is the ONLY mask I will wear because it allows me to breath freely, it’s super comfortable, and my contacts won’t dry out. I’m so glad I bought some!

  62. Linda (verified owner)

    I’ve tried MANY masks to keep my glasses from fogging up, and these are the best at doing that. In fact, I just ordered them for the second time. The extra piece of fabric can be adjusted to keep the fog out. Thank you very much.

  63. Lynn Gardner (verified owner)

    I bought two masks for my daughter & myself because they were supposed to keep glasses from fogging. I’m very disappointed that they don’t do that at all, so I won’t be buying any more. They are, however, very high quality masks – soft, comfortable, and thick enough you have confidence germs could not get through. I just wish they had solid bridges in the nose pieces.

  64. R Flynn Ford (verified owner)

    Really like these masks—very comfortable, they fit well. My only complaint is on the buy 4 get 1 free deal, color choice wasn’t offered and I was sent a pink mask. Guess I can give it away though..,

  65. Dust Bunny (verified owner)

    I love these! I wear glasses and have found it easy to adjust the mask to avoid fogging. These fit me a lot better than masks with nose clips, which do interfere with my glasses. The extra panel over the nose works a lot better for me than masks that are simply curved over the nose.

  66. Chuck (verified owner)

    Well made. Feel safe with three layer construction. Disappointed with claim of not fogging glasses. Suggest adding the internal nose clips offered with some makes. Would then be perfect product.

  67. Chuck (verified owner)

    Well made. Feel safe with three layer construction. Disappointed with claim of not fogging glasses. Suggest adding the internal nose clips offered with some makes. Would then be perfect product.

  68. Gerald Siciliano (verified owner)

    Purchasing the Stark’s mask again says it all!

  69. Ray Olesen (verified owner)

    They are well designed and comfortable. They fit tightly providing good protection.
    I do have to put them carefully on my big head so my ears don’t do a “Dumbo” look. These masks give me great confidence when I have to be out of the house.

  70. Kathy (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Best cloth masks I have found. No fogging up your glasses while wearing this mask due to the nose guard on masks! Bought extra ones for my high school & college aged grandkids!!

  71. Lisa (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and the nose flap works fairly well for those of us who wear glasses and it does prevent them from fogging up. I do wish the ear loops were more of an elastic material but overall the fit is great!

  72. Wendy (verified owner)

    Most breathable masks I’ve worn, comfortable on my ears and face.
    I do wish there were other patterns for the material to choose from and it would be great to have an extra large option for men.

  73. Laura Jo Garmire (verified owner)

    I purchased 4 masks for my husband and myself because of people saying it helped with glasses. They were correct. They are so good that we bought more to have them on hand. When we go out, we are asked so many times, “I really love how it comes over your nose. Where did you get the mask?” I proudly say, Starks.!

  74. AMANDA BOARDMAN (verified owner)

    Saw an ad in my SM feed. My husband had been struggling with his glasses fogging over. So I order 2 for him. Success! We immediately order 4 more. I work in retail and have customers asking me were I got my mask. I have shared the link with so many guests and even random people when I am out. Several have come back to thank me once they receive theirs. In fact I just got 4 for my MIL. Thank you. Also, some of the best service and fast delivery too!

  75. Michele Brooks (verified owner)

    I love the feel and construction of these masks. They wash and wear beautifully. I just wish there were more colors/patterns to choose from. They fog but the fog goes away in just a few seconds which is great for someone who wears glasses full time. Think getting out of your warm car and out into the cold your glasses will fog and then the fog retreats it is the same with these masks once the air level settles there is ZERO fogging!!!

  76. Audrey (verified owner)

    I am very happy with these masks. They are comfortable and well made. I love
    that there are three layers and they have adjustable ear loops!

  77. Faith (verified owner)

    Great product! Wonderful if you wear glasses. I bought 4 (to get 1 free) and my husband is constantly stealing mine so now I’m back to buy 8 more (4 for the kids and 4 for me). We’ve bought 4-5 different types of masks and these are BY FAR our favorite. We both wear glasses.

  78. Steven Mc (verified owner)

    I rate these mask a high five, best mask by far my family has ever had. The problem I had with my most previous order is that I had received the email stating the product had shipped on November 30. No updates through the tracking with USPS. A week later I contacted the support team as to why no up dates and no delivery after a week had passed, after looking into my order the contact told me that some how my order was in pre-order status. Never really was given an answer as why they were in this status or as to when they would be shipped or delivered. Not happy with communication and updates on orders.

  79. Joan Fabbri (verified owner)

    I love these masks. They are very comfortable and you can breathe easily with them on yet feel protected. My only issue is that I bought them on one of their specials and was supposed to receive 2 free masks with my order. Only 1 free one came. I have contacted them twice without a resolution to the problem. Still hoping that they will do the right thing and send me the 1 free one that they omitted from the original order.

  80. Troy Glover (verified owner)

    I ordered mine right after the COVID-19 pandemic started. I am very pleased and feel safe with my masks. I hand wash them in sink with antibacterial dish soap and hang on towel rod to dry. I purchased another 2 for my parent’s. Thank you for your commitment to quality as we get through this pandemic safely. I will do my part to tell others about these great masks.
    Troy Glover RMA (AMT)

  81. Michele Carnevale (verified owner)

    Best mask I’ve found. Having 3 layers is the best; none of my other masks have 3 layers (I have to add a filter to the mask). I have a number of masks at this point but this is the only one I’ve reordered.

  82. Dennis Nocks (verified owner)

    My wife bought these for me originally and I have been back twice to purchase more since then. These masks give me great confidence when dealing with people. Working in a busy restaurant is scary right now and that confidence is very much needed. I recommend these masks to everyone around me.

  83. Sue (verified owner)

    Saw these advertised on Facebook. I was hesitant to order them, but so glad I did. Love these masks. Waiting for my second order to arrive. They cover nicely and fit well. I’ve had other people ask me where I got them and gave them the information so they could order them as well.

  84. Luisa Bolen (verified owner)

    Second time buyer, love these masks! Great quality and covers your face very well. Best masks I have bought.

  85. Darlene Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered my first 2 masks and received them with in 1 week and I think they are great so I ordered 2 more and it has been 1 month and I still have not received them. I have tried to contact the company, can’t reach any one to talk too. I love the 2 I have but very disappointed that my 2nd order has not arrived. I would appreciate an explanation. This last order was placed the 2nd week in November.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Please email for support. We will get this resolved for you. We did have several shipping issued in November, and I think USPS is back on track now the election is over.

  86. Grace Gagnon (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these masks for multiple reasons! Definitely worth the money! It’s the only mask I wear, period.

  87. Gayleen (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 for my husband and I back in June and just ordered 4 more. These are great for everyday and I especially like them for wear during exercising. While nothing beats a bare face during running this brand has been the best option as I can breath and sweat during my run and not be too uncomfortable.

  88. Addie Moe (verified owner)

    I just got my order today. WOW, what a difference these masks make.

    I’ve tried a number of different masks from disposables to silk and by far, these are THE BEST!

    1) the mask fabric is soft, comfortable, and lightweight
    2) the mask is breathable and doesn’t suck into your mouth when you breathe or talk
    3) the mask allows you to be heard when you speak
    4) the nosepiece helps reduce fogging on your glasses


    I’ve already recommended this mask to friends!

  89. Jill Vincent (verified owner)

    These are by far the best masks I have ever purchased! Extremely comfortable, well fitting and my glasses don’t fog up at all. I will be placing an order for more masks for other family members. Thank you!!!

  90. Richard Hussong (verified owner)

    I’ve bought two Stark’s masks so far, and they work great, except that they aren’t very effective in preventing eyeglass fogging. I found a simple improvement that helps a lot: just cover the nose flap with ordinary Scotch tape to prevent air from passing through. Tape is cheap, so just remove and discard the tape before washing the mask.

  91. Aaron (verified owner)

    Love the construction and fabric, very comfortable and cooler than cotton masks. My one star demotion is the adjustable straps are inconsistent. I have a large but not huge face and on three of four large masks I ordered I just had to remove the adjusters as the ear loops were just too small. Strangely one of the four (dark green) has larger and more stretchy ear loops which allow adjustment…go figure.

  92. Charles LeMaire (verified owner)

    these masks work as advertised, are comfortable, fit my big face and keep my glasses from fogging, so I bought some adjustable ones also… now I have enough masks to work two weeks … gave a couple to my coworkers and they liked them also. Plus , I bought from Starks cause I did some research into the history of the business, and they been around for awhile… thought it was great they switched to making masks to help out everyone protect themselves.. smart..

  93. Amanda Brown

    Fits well, easy to breathe through and doesn’t fog my glasses. This is the easiest mask to work in. Anyone who wears glasses will appreciate this mask.

  94. Sherry (verified owner)

    Excellent face mask, easy to breathe in, and keeps my glasses from fogging. Great quality.

  95. Laura Green (verified owner)

    Stark’s face masks are the best I’ve tried, and I’ve come back for more. They’re super comfortable, excellent material, fit, and coverage, and the nose flap keeps my glasses from fogging up. They also look great!

  96. Sandra Finn (verified owner)

    Starks masks are the very best! We tried several different kinds until I found Starks. I love them. There are no gaps and the nose piece is awesome. I like that they come with the adjustable beads too. We just ordered more.

  97. Wanda (verified owner)

    These masks are great. For comfortably and they do help a little with glasses fogging. I just ordered my second batch of masks.

  98. Gail (verified owner)

    Love the fit and the look, everybody who has seen me in it asks where I got from, so I’ve been doing plenty of advertising for you especially since I’m on a college campus.

  99. Sharon Babst (verified owner)

    Easy to breathe, glad my 2nd order is coming with adjusters, straps were a little long for me, love them

  100. Janice (verified owner)

    The flap really does keep glasses from fogging. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. (And that flap also helps keep out droplets.) I like that there’s a filter inside. Aside from feeling it’s an effective mask, I also think it’s a comfortable mask. It stays in place, and the ear loops are adjustable. I look forward to when we won’t need to wear these, but in the meantime, I am grateful for Stark’s masks. This is my second order. I am giving some to my mother and a friend.

  101. Pat H-I (verified owner)

    Love these masks. Just ordered 4 more. I had to use a disposable mask today and felt a bit unprotected compared to my Starks masks. They clean up nicely too.

  102. Pat H-I

    Love these masks. Just ordered 4 more. I had to use a disposable mask today and felt a bit unprotected compared to my Starks masks. They clean up nicely too.

  103. Max Deurloo-willard (verified owner)

    Excellent masks, especially with glasses! Great responsive customer service!

  104. Melanie Hammer (verified owner)

    I’m a teacher and I wear one of your masks every day! They are comfortable and I feel they help to keep me safe during this difficult time. I would recommend them to all.
    Melanie Hammer

  105. Mark (verified owner)

    Best masks around! They make teaching with a mask on much more bearable.

  106. Dex (verified owner)

    The adjustable strap works well. The fit is comfortable. My glasses stay mostly fog free. I feel like the protection is enough to keep me an my students safe. The delivery was very quick.

  107. Shannon Newman (verified owner)

    My only complaint would be that because I sometimes wear makeup it would be nice to know which mask have white as the inside panel.My last 3 choices did so that was a disappointment. Other than that I am a repeat customer.

  108. Bethany Davis (verified owner)

    Best Masks out there. Fit comfortably and securely. I feel safe in them. And… Ingot them SO fast. Stark,s has stepped it up and I love them! Thank you.

  109. Chrissy M (verified owner)

    My 6yr old daughter’s favorite masks. She wears glasses and has a hard time finding the right size mask that also helps with fogging. If you machine wash they do snag easily, even in a laundry bag. Hand washing is definitely better.

  110. Anette (verified owner)

    I took a chance on Starks when I was searching for good masks that would not fog up my glasses. The quality is excellent—the masks fit great, comfortable and have been washed dozens of time and still fit great. I took advantage of a recent offer so bought some new ones too!

  111. Rich (verified owner)

    During this period, I’ve bought a LOT of different masks for my kids and myself. The masks offered by Stark’s are by far the most comfortable, best fitting and highest quality product I’ve come across so far. I’ve made 2 orders simply due to the fact that I like them so much that I’m taking others out of the rotation to cycle in the Stark’s masks.

  112. Dianne Scott (verified owner)

    third order, best masks I’ve tried, have referred to family members. comfortable and antifog flap works.

  113. Shane

    This mask is great. It stays in place, the nose flap keeps my glasses from steaming up, and it’s more comfortable than any other mask I’ve tried. I had to adjust the straps as far as they’ll go to make it fit comfortably, but that’s my own fault for having a massive head.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      You can also remove the adjusting beading for maximum size.

  114. Barb McMahon (verified owner)

    My husband and I both liked our first order of Starck’s masks. I like this second order even more, not only the new colors but also that the new ones can be tightened! The first ones fit my husband just fine but were a little lose on me. Thanks for making nice safe masks!

  115. Ashley (verified owner)

    Just got my masks, I’m glad I took a chance and went with the smaller size because they fit great and snug but not too tight around my face. The small may even work for my husband! I’m pleased with the quality, the mask is thick but not stuffy and I think I could workout wearing it. The ear loops are adjustable which is great and very comfortable. I have other masks that pull at my ears and hurt. I wear glasses sometimes so I’m excited to see how the nose piece helps decrease fogging. These are affordable and great quality, you have to try them out!

  116. Catherine (verified owner)

    Stark’s masks are the best! This is my second time ordering. They’re comfortable, I can talk and breath with them on. This time I got 4 and 1 free. Again they’re the best!

  117. Meta (verified owner)

    Love the colors and the feel against my face.

  118. Duane K (verified owner)

    I have several other masks but Stark’s mask breathes the easiest, very comfortable to wear and easy to clean!

  119. Bob Butler (verified owner)

    Hands down the best mask I have found for those of us who wear glasses in terms of both anti-fogging and comfort.

  120. Georgia Benson (verified owner)

    Love these masks!!! Just placed my second order and waiting for delivery. Only mask I’ve tried that keeps my glasses from fogging. The nose flap is genius, the fabric is soft, washes and dries with no shrinkage and is easy to breath thru. You simply can’t buy a better mask and I highly recommend them. Thank you, Stark’s!

  121. Gretchen (verified owner)

    Like the multiple layers, the nose guard and the adjustable straps are the best.

  122. Matthew Muniz (verified owner)

    These are very comfortable masks. Great for people with large round faces and protruding nose types. Really the only mask you will ever need.

  123. T Martinez (verified owner)

    Love these masks!!

  124. Tina Marie (verified owner)

    I love the stars mask, this is my second order. Best mask for me.

  125. SteveC (verified owner)

    I have tried various other masks that promised comfort and no fogging of glasses, but Stark’s is the only one that delivers on the promises! The original mask with fixed ear loops was a tight fit for my face, so I had high hopes for the adjustable version. Unfortunately, they seem to be only a tiny bit larger than the fixed-size loops. Still a snug fit, but a small improvement. With bigger loops, I’d give a 5-star rating.

  126. Kathleen Grimmer (verified owner)

    Best masks I have used so far. Very comfortable!

  127. Valerie McCarthey-Smith (verified owner)

    Best mask I have ever worn! I like the layering, the fabric and the design. Thanks, Stark’s, for a perfect pandemic pivot!

  128. Dave Williams (verified owner)

    Fits Well and is Comfortable. Color choice is a bonus. Appreciate the extra attention to the nose “flap”. Lightweight and stays in place.

  129. SUSAN LUCAS (verified owner)

    The best mask you can buy !!!!!

  130. Cindi Brownlee (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering. Love this product. I order the small because it fits my face better.

  131. Jim Nagle (verified owner)

    Best masks I have seen, 2nd time ordering, only mask I wear, and I wear them for everything.

  132. Jim Nagle (verified owner)

    Second order, first with the new adjustable masks. They are simply the best I’ve seen. They are the only kind I wear, whether working out, shopping, or anything else I do away from home.

  133. JenR (verified owner)

    2nd order. Prompt delivery, comfortable, sturdy and washable. Great value!

  134. Pat Mitchell (verified owner)

    I have both the original version and the newer one with the adjusting beads. These are the only masks I use, even though I’ve tried other slightly more expensive masks. The 3-layer construction and nose guard were what first sold me on the Starks masks. The amount of face coverage and the ability to breathe while wearing them are what convinced me that these are the best masks for me.

  135. Ethel (verified owner)

    I love these masks. I’ve ordered more for my family and this time I’m also trying the sprays. I’ve recommended many to these masks. I run a food pantry and wear these outside while dealing with clients and it’s nice not having my glasses fog up all the time!

  136. Karin (verified owner)

    I have mild breathing problems and so many masks I tried made me feel like I was suffocating. These are great! The fit is wonderful, and I’m very happy with them!

  137. Madelyn Lowe (verified owner)

    Like They are great this is my second order. The people are great to deal with.

  138. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Hands down, the BEST masks out there! I wear these all day, every day so I have about 16 of them for back up so I don’t have to do laundry every day. They are heavy and clearly well made, yet still breathable and not overly hot. I work at a college and I’ve even been asked about these masks because my colleagues noticed that my voice isn’t muffled while wearing them. It’s very difficult to teach in some of those other cotton masks that make it so the class can’t hear what you’re saying! I love the 2.0 design with the soft silicone beads for adjusting the size, these fit so great and look amazing too. I recommend them to everyone on campus!

  139. T Evans (verified owner)

    Lisa, Really sorry I have forwarded your email to support to escalate. Normal response time is within 24 hours except for the weekend. Support email is

  140. Suzanne Moore (verified owner)

    I love these masks. I have only used the older ones, without the adjuster. But they are classy-looking, well-made, and come with a sewn-in filter. I just ordered the newer ones with the adjuster, but haven’t received them yet. I’m sure they are even better than the older, awesome ones.

  141. Jill (verified owner)

    Excellent mask for glasses wearers. Thanks!

  142. Regina v Koza (verified owner)

    Very good quality. My second time ordering.

  143. Regina v Koza (verified owner)

    Very good quality. My second time ordering.

  144. Regina v Koza (verified owner)

    I really like they way they launder and hold up.

  145. Tara O’Connor (verified owner)

    My daughter and I both love these masks! She is very particular about fit and material and she uses these daily at school for 7 hours. The material is soft and breathable yet substantial. The fabric doesn’t press up uncomfortably against your nose and mouth. The additional fabric below the eyes provides good coverage. The adjustable ear straps are a bonus. My only wish is for a built in adjustable nose piece. We’ve wasted so much money on masks that are too small, too tight, too insubstantial. Wish we’d found Starks first!

  146. Jennifer McMahon (verified owner)

    I have now bought these masks twice. They are the best ones I have. They are breathable, comfortable, do not fog my glasses, and come in so many color choices. They wash and dry well and are my go-to mask. I highly recommend Stark’s masks!

  147. Kathy Webster (verified owner)

    LOVE these face masks. I wear one 8+ hours every day at work. I get asked on a daily basis about this mask, and I have referred so many people to Stark’s website. They are so impressed with the extra nose piece for glasses wearers. Thanks for the great product! So glad I found you on Facebook.

  148. Tom (verified owner)

    Masks arrived quickly. They are very comfortable to wear and fit really nice. Like the little flap to hekp keeping your glasses from fogging. Just received our second order.

  149. Lee Corse (verified owner)

    These are our favorite masks for comfort, breath- ability, and coverage. Several friends have asked about them. Will probably make a third order.

  150. Julie Earles (verified owner)

    I love the masks, but I ordered 10 and only received 7.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Really sorry for the packing error, please contact for assistance with your order.

  151. Shari (verified owner)

    These are among the best masks I’ve purchased for my family. Love the outer surface which is water resistant (yep, I did the drop test and it beaded up) and love that it’s 3 layers, yet still quite breathable. And, the flap for the nose eliminates foggy glasses without having to add an additional adhesive nose bridge, which I’ve had to do with countless number of masks I’ve purchased. They feel very secure and safe for medical appointments. My only regret is not discovering them way sooner into this pandemic, because I did waste money on masks that were either too big (one size fits all, but only if you’re a huge lumberjack) or too lightweight. I also wasted lots of time having to switch out flimsy nose pieces and too-tight ear loops. The Starks masks, however, were just perfect. Oh, and a great price, especially with the buy 4/ get one free.

  152. Ricky (verified owner)

    Love the comfort of these masks. They wash/dry well and I just placed my 2nd order. Highly recommend and as you can see by all the positive reviews, they are the best!

  153. LUIS GARZON (verified owner)

    Well made, reasonably priced masks. Quick shipment.

  154. Mary Ann Lee (verified owner)

    Love these masks, especially since I wear glasses. Not only are they soft and comfortable, but the really protect me without fogging up my glasses.

  155. Mary (verified owner)

    I really do love the masks, but the adjuster broke on one when I tried it on after opening the package. I just tied a knot to adjust it and wore it, but the second time I wore it the face mask broke away from the ties. I do not know if I can sew it back together. I’ve gotten lots of compliments, and I have been recommending them, but now I’m a little hesitant.

  156. Linda BW (verified owner)

    I recently received my 2nd purchase of masks I from Stark’s. (4 of the new green masks which is a nice rich color). Wish I had the money I wasted on other masks I bought elsewhere. Stark’s Masks beat them all with their design, quality, comfort and breathability. They wash and dry great, don’t fade and they don’t fall apart. I launder them in a net net bag with chemical free natural laundry soap. Am sticking with Stark’s Masks from now on.

  157. Suzanne Burke (verified owner)

    I’m not sure I can add anything that others haven’t already said. I ordered my first two Starks masks early on in the pandemic and they took a while to reach me (I am on the opposite coast so with the lock down, that was expected). Iwear glasses and have collected various styles of masks over the last 6+ months. The other masks aren’t as comfortable and don’t keep my glasses from fogging up. While not perfect, Starks has been the best at reducing foggy glasses AND they’re comfortable too. I’m a dogwalker, in and out of my clients’ home (& I wear my mask inside their homes), and with the cold weather on its way, I just ordered three more masks this week and, according to the tracking info, they should arrive tomorrow. Thanks Starks!!

  158. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Great for anyone who wears glasses. I can even put my sunglasses over my glasses with no fog. Wash/dry wonderfully. Do not loose shape and does not shrink. I am waiting on my second order. I have other masks but these are the only ones I wear!!

  159. Margaret Bailey

    They have wonderful masks! Love them!

  160. Stephen Jones (verified owner)

    Stark’s masks are comfortable, easy to breath through and well made. I appreciate this because I work in a prison where I have to wear a mask throughout my 12-hour shift. I wash them in the washer with my clothes and let them air dry. They do help with preventing fogging on my glasses by about 60% of the time. It works best when I pull the upper flap up as much as possible and have the mask with a snug fit on my face. There are plenty of times when my glasses will fog when wearing the mask, it’s just much less often when wearing the Stark’s mask. I started with the purchase of two black masks and came back to purchase four more black masks and take advantage of the buy four and get one free. To my disappointment, the “free” mask was not black, rather it was some sort of blue-green color that I don’t particularly like and can’t wear to work due to uniform restrictions. If I’m paying for four black masks, I think Stark’s could at least have provided the “free” mask in the same color.

  161. Debbi Grassia (verified owner)

    After buying several other brands, I finally ordered my Starks mask! They are very well made, comfortable, soft. BUT the most important thing is that my glasses don’t fog up because of that extra flap and I can actually put my head down and my glasses don’t slid off! GENIUS! Now the only masks we buy are Starks! Great customer service as well!

  162. Erika Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd purchase love the product always asked where did I purchase it. I just wish they would last more than 30 washes.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Our masks last much longer then 30 washes. Water resistance will be reduced over time but they are still very effective masks.

  163. marie galica (verified owner)

    Much better than the cloth masks we were using, does not stick to your face.

  164. Rich Rehak (verified owner)

    Your masks are, hands down, excellent. Thanks to everyone.

  165. Anthony T (verified owner)

    I love the over the nose flap. That helps with anti fogging of my eyeglasses, and actually keeps the mask from sliding down. I like them so much I bought another few sets for my wife and and daughters.

  166. Bob Schuler (verified owner)

    The mask’s Stark’s sells are excellent!! I ordered and received my second masks. I, as others have noted, really like the mask’s top flap that keeps my glasses from fogging.

  167. Susan Layman (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered these masks twice now. They are super comfortable, fit well, and wash up nicely. The multiple layers do not make it more difficult to breathe. I particularly like the sub-micron filter layer. My daughter goes to school onsite 3 hours per day and must wear a mask the entire time. This is by far the most comfortable and her favorite. The blue matches her school colors, and the black is very neutral. The pink is also pretty. Highly recommend.

  168. Maureen (verified owner)

    I just got my second order delivered this afternoon. This time I ordered the small lilac for the 10 year old. They fit perfect. I bought 8 for myself last summer. and I love mine. A teacher conworker gave each of us one of those silicone face bridges that helps with speaking clearer and helping with breathing comfort for all day teaching. It slips right under that fold in back – perfect combination for teaching. I have recommended Stark’s to many teachers asking for suggestions. These wash really nicely

  169. Bri H. (verified owner)

    Great masks!

  170. Marie Allen-Furton (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Easy to breath with these on. The nose piece does an excellent job of preventing your glasses from fogging up.

  171. Ali (verified owner)

    I love this mask. It is so comfortable I actually forget to take it off sometimes. I feel very safe in it. It fits very tight and hugs the contours of my face and nose. I am a petite female and got the small. The small also fits my 3 year old perfectly. My husband had trouble finding a comfortable mask. They all pulled on his ears. The regular fits perfect on him. I also feel confident in the materials used. Customer service has been amazing and I have already reordered. They do have a slight smell when you first get them. This goes away after the first couple of washes. They also air dry quickly after washing.

  172. Pat (verified owner)

    I love these masks. The adult masks are the best I’ve seen so far. Thank you for offering children’s masks too. I have a 5 year old and she’s petite so masks for her are usually too big. But Stark’s masks fit her great because of the ability to adjust the size to fit her face. I ordered twice from Stark’s and plan to order again if needed. Thank you!

  173. Andrew (verified owner)

    great quality, last for many washes, and really cuts down on glasses fogging!

  174. Tammi Smith (verified owner)

    We love Starks face masks. We have referred them to several friends who also love the quality and fit! Have ordered 2 times now and very pleased with timeliness and quality! They don’t fog up glasses either!

  175. Emily (verified owner)

    Everyone in my family loves these masks. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. And the adjustable straps are so great. It is no small feat to have a mask that is adjustable to fit a grown man with a rather large head, an adult woman, and a 9 year-old girl. Awesome!

  176. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Wore these masks on a cross-country flight and was comfortable for the 11 hour trip both ways. Great quality and breathable. Just placed my second order.

  177. Tina (verified owner)

    I think we have ordered 4 or 5 times now. I just about have enough masks to assign each person their own color. The anti-fog flap is not perfect (I still occasionally have issues but have found that adding a memory foam nose piece from Amazon solves my issue) but it works great for 3 out of 4 of us that wear glasses.
    The masks are worn daily at our house from 8+ hours to just a couple hours depending on the person and the need. I highly recommend them.

  178. Sue (verified owner)

    Nice and comfortable, easily adjusted, just ordered more! Highly recommend!

  179. Mary (verified owner)

    Great masks! Comfortable, fit well, and quality construction. Have ordered twice, and will be ordering again.

  180. Marian McDonald (verified owner)

    My favorite mask – I just ordered 5 more. I do wear glasses and I like the nose fold – no metal wire and easy to keep glasses from fogging. Most COMFORTABLE mask I own – does not fit so close I feel smothered and still close enough. And I REALLY appreciate the wide choice of color – color is very important to me. I moved the beads to the bottom of the ear loops so they don’t press on my ears.

  181. Nancy L (verified owner)

    Great quality! Soft and comfortable to wear all day! I just ordered more!!!

  182. Jim (verified owner)

    High quality. Prompt delivery. Highly recommend. Bought two initially to see how they were. Just ordered another 5. 🙂

  183. Nancy (verified owner)

    The very best mask! I have several others, purchased and handmade, but none are as comfortable or well fitted as my Stark Mask. They stay in place, even when you are speaking; don’t slip below the nose or pull up from the chin. They fit both me and my husband really well!

  184. Linda (verified owner)

    I have tried many masks and these are the very best. The nose flap means they fit close to my face without blocking my eyes, and with the adjustable ear loops they fit my face without gaping. I could not be more pleased with them.

  185. Ellen L (verified owner)

    Just placed our second order as these are definitely the best masks I have found. I have recommended them to many glass wearing friends all of whom had the same problem I did, glasses that fog up. These masks are perfect for solving that problem. They are very comfortable and wash well.

  186. Sally (verified owner)

    Is everything advertised. Love it doesn’t fog up my glasses and has the filter. It also doesn’t make me feel like I’m smothering. Not crazy about the beads otherwise I highly recommend.

  187. Kathy

    I really appreciate these masks. I have bought several and they fit well and allow me to breathe without difficulty while doing errands.

  188. Nancy (verified owner)

    After reading all the positive reviews, I purchased these masks. Excellent decision. Comfortable and they don’t fog up glasses. I gave 1 to my 90 year old mom since she needed a good quality mask. She loves it. Already placed my 2nd order for more family members.

  189. Ted Scheuermann (verified owner)

    Very good quality. We social distance at all times, so don’t know how well protected we would be indoors closer than six feet. Also concerned about air quality indoors. But we like them a lot, that’s why I reordered five more. Seems like we will be using masks for a while, even after the vaccine arrives.

  190. Jules Sowder (verified owner)

    Well designed, cool and comfortable

  191. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Best masks I have purchased! Just placed my second order. They are well made, comfortable and great for those who wear glasses to avoid fogging of your lenses.

  192. Melissa (verified owner)

    I got these for my son for school. Mainly due to the anti-fog nose piece for glasses. The waterproof was also a plus. I gave this five stars not only because it did what it promised, but it exceeded our expectations with comfort, sustainability, and anti-fog. My son will only wear these to school. You will not go wrong with this well made product.

  193. Mary (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the mask. They are comfortable!

  194. Cheryl Shoen (verified owner)

    Just placed my second order, these masks are great, my glasses don’t fog up, they are comfortable to wear and they stayed true to size when I wash them. Also recommended them to my Dad and he loves his as well!

  195. Camille Kanofsky (verified owner)

    I like the fit. I like the moisture wicking layer. It washes really well. The piece that goes under the glasses is great for preventing the glasses from fogging up. It’s great for my son who is able to attend school. We have already made our second order.

  196. Joyce K (verified owner)

    After trying a number of different masks in the last six months, Stark’s masks are my favorite! I rate Stark’s masks an overall 37 (out of 40) using the rating system found in the WSJ’s 08/29/20 “Mask Olympics”…fit=10, material=10, breathability=10, style=7. They can be worn comfortably yet snugly all day thanks to the adjustable ear loops and used during my exercise workouts. They are a recommended 3-ply, an added bonus, and are reasonably priced.

  197. Patsy Brooks (verified owner)

    Love them. Just wish there would be a little smaller adult size. They are a little big on me. I have now ordered some kids sizes to see how they work. Most comfortable mask around. My husband has to wear them daily and he loves them.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      The small size might be perfect then, they are for adults as well.

  198. Joanne K (verified owner)

    A co-worker recommended these, so I gave them a try. They are great! Ordered a second batch so I can keep extras in the office and in the car. Comfortable, not as hot as others I’ve tried, good quality.

  199. Ann Marie Wood (verified owner)

    My order arrived within days of my order and I was very pleased with the attractive, well made masks and prompt delivery. While adjusting the ear loops, prior to washing or wearing, one of the small adjustment devices split. Can I expect the others to fail when in use? Are defective devices replaced?

  200. Christy H (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these masks. I originally only ordered two thinking I would try them out. They were wonderful. They are soft, fit well and I love the nose guard which keeps my glasses from fogging up all the time. Just order two more.

  201. Hilda M Miranda (verified owner)

    Love these mask!I bought these for myself and then a second time for my grandsons. Both my grandsons are Down Syndrome and we have a difficult time finding the right fit. Well we found them here with you. Thanks for such a good product.

  202. Connie J (verified owner)

    I love these masks! No more steamed up glasses! Comfortable to wear. Adjustable ear loops. Lots of colors! I ordered two and when I saw how much I liked these, I ordered 5 more in different colors!

  203. Barbara Madden (verified owner)

    Theses are the best mask I ever worn,they at comfortably and I had to order me two more for my bestfriend because he love them👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  204. Shannon Russell (verified owner)

    These are my favorite masks—they hug my nose without sneaking up into my eyes, and the fit is pretty great & not too hot. They smell a bit funky when you first get them, but a few washes takes care of that.

  205. Lohgan Swaggard (verified owner)

    Hands down the best mask I’ve purchased. I love the way it adjusts behind my ears, the level of protection, I can talk with the mask on and so forth. Definitely worth a try!

  206. Barbara Cappello (verified owner)

    I was so happy with the Stark masks that I had bought earlier that I purchased two more for my husband and me. They are comfortable, of excellent quality, and very comfortable. Great value for the price. You can’ go wrong with these masks.

  207. Tiffani (verified owner)

    I LOVE these masks. Second time buyer. They’re comfortable, breathable, great with glasses and offer great protection.

  208. Tammy Leonard (verified owner)

    These are my kids’ favorite masks for school.

  209. Jess (verified owner)

    I originally purchased the mask because I wear glasses and work at a restaurant. I was having a hard time finding one that people could hear me clearly and wouldn’t constantly fog up. The mask itself is fine but the adjuster broke immediately, making the mask useless, because without it the loops are far too big for the mask to snugly fit on my face.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Contact for a replacement adjuster. Sorry for the issue but we will take care of it.

  210. Jo Boreta (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered many masks and these are by far the best; tHe only ones that don’t fog your glasses. The first time I ordered them back in June, Customer Service was atrocious and it took weeks and weeks to arrive. This time my order was processed the same day and I received it three days later. Very well-made mask.

  211. Sandra K Hay (verified owner)

    Excellent I bought some to give to my family members and they love them also!!!!

  212. margaret lois jansen (verified owner)

    I have made two orders of these masks (so that I have 10 altogether). I find them comfortable (meaning, I can breathe and they do not cut into my face and they work well with glasses). I am also reassured by the inner filter layer and that they fit close on the sides of the face. Thanks for a great product.

  213. Rey (verified owner)

    Great mask. Just made a second order. Best for my job as a city bus driver. Comfortable, breathable and doesn’t fog up my driving glasses. Great job Stark’s. Will purchase again and recommend to others.

  214. Reva Greenspan (verified owner)

    these masks are great especially the nose guard. I would like to know if you could adjust it slightly with 2 elastic bands to avoid pulling off my hearing aids with the elastic around the ears. The ear savers do not work as it pulls the mask either up or down and then it does not fit the face. I need at least 4 or more of these. Thank you

  215. Betsy Crook (verified owner)

    So great for my 7 year old son who wears glasses! He wears the mask all day and no issue with glasses fogging up, that extra fabric for nose is great!

  216. Lynda Holmes (verified owner)

    I am sure the orders for masks have picked up in my area! I have had so many people ask where I got mine from. Many have been hospital and doctor’s office personnel. These masks are the only I have found that do not fog up my glasses, and can be worn comfortably all day long. Spread the news, and thank you Starks!!

  217. John LaPenna

    These are by far the best masks that I have worn. They’re soft, snug-fitting but not tight, and comfortable as hell. I would recommend these masks to everyone.

  218. A Happy Customer (verified owner)

    Great mask. Very comfortable and the nose flap keeps my glasses from fogging. Quick shipping.

  219. Jillian (verified owner)

    I really like these masks, have recommended them to everyone and just ordered 2 more for me. They are the only masks I’ve found comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time.

  220. Laura Cook (verified owner)

    I have worn these masks for a couple months and find them as comfortable as a mask can be and wearing glasses these don’t fog my glasses up. I wear them 8 hours a day. I ordered 4 more for my husband and they are already shipped. Thanks Starks for shipping much faster than a couple months ago. I am asked daily where I got my mask. I figure I’ve sent lots of business your way.

  221. Nichele Ledbetter (verified owner)

    My friend wanted to try these masks. So I made an order. They arrived in only a couple of days!!! These are by far the most comfortable masks I’ve found. After receiving my first order and trying them out I immediately made another order. I would recommend these masks to all!!!!

  222. Glenda Fleming (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing these about two months now. The first thing I noticed is that the mask is actually large enough to easily cover my nose and cup under my chin. The “nose guard” is large enough that the nose pieces on my glasses hold it in place. I like the adjustable ear loops; they allow me to adjust the tension where I need to — for me, looser across the cheekbones, tighter around the chin. They’ve also held up well to washing.

    I also have a lot of confidence in the mask fabric. I live on the west coast, and where I live, we had smoky and ashy air for two weeks. (Air quality was over 800 several days.) With this mask, I was able to do light chores like watering the garden for an hour or so — with no smoky smell whatsoever coming through the mask. (However, I’m not making any claim about what size particles the mask stopped, or that it’s appropriate to wear in smoky environments. I should have stayed indoors. But I thought I couldn’t, and this mask seemed to help.)

  223. Sergei K (verified owner)

    Went through a lot of masks. For my work I sometime take part in 2h long meetings and talk a lot, sometimes move a lot setting up equipment (I’m produce video and photography) which is a sweaty affair in North East in August. I think the combination of materials is very good – easier to breeze than many other masks, the inner layer removes sweat/moisture quite well, the mask functions even if I have to work in the rain and it dries up pretty fast. Between my family, parents, kids I have over a dozen Starks masks. Highly recommend.

  224. Belinda Sierra (verified owner)

    Love these masks. I wear them everyday. I was wondering if you would possibly consider having a dark blue/navy mask added to you collection? I want to order more colors and need that color for my “wardrobe”. Thank you for the awesome masks though. They are great and help keep the fogging of my glasses to a minimum.

  225. DandelionDreams (verified owner)

    Quality mask. I can breathe easily and doesn’t fog my glasses.

  226. Martha M (verified owner)

    Makes a great teacher gift! Our daughter’s hard-working teacher was admiring how our daughter didn’t have trouble with glasses fogging and so we got her some too.

  227. Nancy S (verified owner)

    Love my mask especially since my glasses have minimal fogging,, unlike other masks! Just ordered 4 more for my husband and myself. Also pleased with the quick filling of order and receipt of it. Recommend Starks.

  228. Sheelagh B

    Received mine today. The are perfect. Works well with my glasses. I got a size small because I’m very thin and it fits perfect. Thank you

  229. Ruth Bulwinkle (verified owner)

    My masks are well made and have the technology to prevent transmission. However, the nose part does nothing to prevent my glasses fogging up. I have cut open some used single-use type masks, removed the metal nose guard pieces, and will be gluing those on, or sewing those in, to the ones I got from Starks.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Some customers have purchased the metal pieces from Amazon with adhesive on one side. They are under $10 for 100 of them. We don’t include them standard because they aren’t as comfortable with the wire and the current solution work for most everyone. Hope that helps!

  230. Winona (verified owner)

    These masks are great. I have purchased 2 sets for me and a set for my kid. Very comfortable and I like the nose covering. The covering doesn’t prevent all fogging of glasses, but it helps minimize.

  231. Martha M (verified owner)

    Terrific masks, comfortable, anti-fogging. Any chance you could add an extra large size mask? The adult regular is just a bit small (from nose to chin) for my husband.

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      We may bring in an XL in black for those that need it.

  232. DEBRA KAMINSKI (verified owner)

    After trying several types of masks,I finally found the best. Starks masks are thick to provide protection, comfortable, easy to talk in without sounding muffled and they do not ride up while talking. Also easy to hand wash and dry. The price is great and they are made in the USA.

  233. Teresa Hill (verified owner)

    These masks are all they were advertised to be and more. They fit my face very well and are so comfortable. They are also very well made. I feel safer wearing these vs. others I’ve tried. Thank you, Stark’s staff, for providing such a great product!

  234. Tammy Lea Siddell-Coleman (verified owner)

    I was looking for masks that filtered without the filter insert & was washable. Love the masks. They provide nose coverage without the rigidity of a metal strip & the are comfortable. Really good quality, they are shipping really fast now (I got my last order within a day or so, I’m in Georgia). Love these and most importantly, I’m safer and so are those around me.

  235. Anna Liss (verified owner)

    very well fit yet comfortable

  236. Cory Newhouse (verified owner)

    Great quality and best I have found to wear with glasses! I just received my second order of these masks. You will not be disappointed!

  237. Jan (verified owner)

    Love my masks ! The nose piece keeps my glasses un fogged, and I appreciate the water proof outer layer~ seems safer.
    Fast shipping, great product.

  238. Cindy (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd order – the first was a disaster. So cudos for fixing your fulfillment and shipping issues and hoping the ability to contact customer service has also improved. And finally for the longer ear loops – much improved!
    The reason I came back. My husband is able to breathe easier using your mask, they don’t fog his glasses and it’s a better fit on his large face.
    Wby I choose your mask in the first place – the vacuum filters. In my homemade mask I place a hepafilter vacuum filter that filters 0.3 micron – not at N95 level but in our need to protect the supply for front line workers it is a great substitute. My husband has difficulty breathing using this type of filtered mask. But yours is easier and it’s washable.
    Thank you for thinking outside the box when creating this.

  239. Gabriel Pope (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

  240. Nancy Ryder

    I love, love, love my masks. The quality is excellent, and it fits beautifully. There is actual room to breathe! As stated, the nose piece keeps glasses from fogging my only issue is: I use oxygen and the thickness of the ear pieces plus the O2 cannula makes the mask slip off. But I have ordered straps for around my head to solve that issue. All in all, great product!

  241. Deborah L (verified owner)

    These masks are wonderful. They are extremely comfortable and don’t fog my glasses. The customer service here is awesome, too. Highly recommend the masks.

  242. Janet Cullifer (verified owner)

    Mask stays in place. Doesn’t move when you talk. Never fogs up glasses. Therefore I feel more confident because you dont touck will your hands.

  243. Jan (verified owner)

    Works great for people who wear glasses!! Would be nice to have a way to keep it around your neck when not needed so you could just pull it up when you do need it.

  244. Sara (verified owner)

    Has everything I was looking for: 3 ply, nose guard, adjustable side straps. Small good for my kids. Large good for the adults.

  245. pjs (verified owner)

    Love these masks. Ordered 2 a couple months ago and just ordered two more. I especially like the mask adjuster beads!

  246. Danielle (verified owner)

    I love the design. I enjoy that the adult small fits well and I don’t have to order a child’s size.

  247. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I just ordered 8 of these and did not receive the 2 free as advertised? Otherwise, my family loves these masks!

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Please email so they can take care of the packing error and ship your masks. Sorry for the mistake, and stay safe.

  248. Judy Moulis (verified owner)

    I’ve tried hard to find a mask that I can wear comfortably all day. I have found it!! I won’t wear any other mask now. Love it!!

  249. Anna (verified owner)

    I am quite pleased with my purchase of face masks. As an eyeglasses wearer, this style mask has been very effective in lessening fogging eyeglass lenses.

  250. Danno (verified owner)

    Great quality, and they fit well. My favorites masks are from Starks.

  251. Tracey (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  252. Joan (verified owner)

    These are the only masks that work well when doing vigorous walking in hot weather. The design keeps them out of your mouth and keeps sunglasses from getting too foggy.

  253. Shirley (verified owner)

    The upgraded version 2 of the Starks Mask made all the difference! Tightness of the mask is so easy to adjust now, and the masks are comfortable and fit perfectly. Thank you Starks!

  254. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    As a teacher, I have to wear a mask every day to school. These masks are the best—I ordered a second set! They fit comfortably and hold up great after numerous washings.

  255. Teresa (verified owner)

    Excellent masks!! I love how they fit and my glasses do not fog up when I am speaking. I highly recommend Stark’s Masks!!

  256. Ashley Parent (verified owner)

    These are the best fitting and most comfortable masks. Period.

  257. Jessica

    Just found these at my local paper store. After trying dozens of masks for my son we finally found one that will stay up over his nose and won’t pull down on his ears ! I am the school nurse and he needs to be a role model!!! Ordering more now!

  258. Rick Myers (verified owner)

    2nd time we have ordered masks. Love the changes with the adjustable cord. The masks came much faster this time. I think 4 days from order to open.

  259. Steve Corso (verified owner)

    These masks are great. The extra flap at the top stops my glasses from fogging up and the new addition of the adjustable cord locks stops the pulling down on my ears that other masks have caused. They wash up really well and are extremely comfortable. In addition, the speed of order fulfillment was pretty amazing.DEFINITELY the masks to go with.

  260. Teresa C. (verified owner)

    Love these Starks masks. They’re the absolute best. Ordered 2 about a month ago. Just ordered & received 2 more. Excellent quality. Love the new adjustable ear loops. And the nose covering really helps keep my glasses from fogging up. And I haven’t even mentioned how comfy they are. These are perfect for me. I’ll probably order more. Thanks, Starks.

  261. L A Jones (verified owner)

    I found out about Stark’s masks from a family member. I ordered a couple to try them out. These masks are terrific! They are very well made, comfortable, retain their shape after washing & my glasses don’t fog. I liked them so much I ordered four more. I’ve spread the word to others. Thank you Starks’s!

  262. Sharon Parker (verified owner)

    We love these masks! They fit well and are comfortable to wear. Easy to wash! These are the most comfortable masks we have worn. Our friends have notice them too and ordered.

  263. Robert Bibb (verified owner)

    My wife and I just became repeat customers with Stark’s. We were amazed at the high construction quality and sheer comfort of our Stark’s masks. Never again will we wear shoddy Chinese masks that you have to wait 8 weeks to receive. Thanks you Stark’s!

  264. Peggy Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Love these masks! We have five and I just placed another order. So comfortable and easy to breathe and talk while wearing! Machine wash on delicate cycle and air dry. We have other brands but these are the absolute best!

  265. Kathryn Turnas (verified owner)

    Great and I ordered two more.

  266. Betty (verified owner)

    Excellent quality masks! The only ones my daughter in college can wear!
    Thank you Starks!!

  267. Betty (verified owner)

    Excellent quality masks. They are the only ones I have found that I can wear comfortably. The only ones I can get my daughter to wer that is in college. Thank you Starks!!

  268. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Excellent masks. I’ve tried so many and these are the best by far.

  269. Tim (verified owner)

    The best masks we have found, well worth the price,love the flip up for better nose protection,great idea.

  270. Lucy (verified owner)

    These masks came fairly quickly.
    I have a whole assortment of masks but I usually grab one of these on my way out. They are so comfortable and I love the nose piece.
    I do wish there was another color I could use other than black or white…maybe a small print or black with mini polka dots?? Or I could just use one of my other masks for those ‘special occasions.’

  271. Traci Haarmann (verified owner)

    Love our masks and so does my daughter (8 years old). We both wear glasses and the nose flap makes a big difference. Question, I have washed my daughters masks (pink/white) a few times and on the 3rd wash, all of the ear loops hardened. It’s like they got crusty and won’t stretch anymore. It didn’t happen the first few times I washed them and didn’t happen to our adult sized masks. What happened? Can I fix it? I don’t want to make the same mistake on her other Stark masks. HELP, she won’t wear any other masks!

  272. Florence (verified owner)

    Waiting for my second order to be delivered. 1st order were for grandsons.
    After seeing good quality decided to order for myself.

  273. Deb (verified owner)

    Great quality mask that are by breathable! You can feel the quality in mask. Pass the candle test too. Highly recommend 😁

  274. Kim H. (verified owner)

    Great masks from what seems to be a great company! The masks are comfortable. The nose piece helps with fogging on glasses. I was concerned at first that they did not have a wire nose piece, but these seem like they’ll withstand washing better.

  275. LeAnn (verified owner)

    Placed my second order last weekend. These are high quality, adjustable and washable.

  276. Edward Matheson (verified owner)

    I like how they are constructed and how well they filter the air. Tested it by blowing out hard through my mouth, but no air escaped out the front of the mask, which tells me it is also excellent at filtering anything incoming as well; however, I can still breath fine with it on as it protects me. I am looking forward to the new ones I just purchased with adjustable straps.

  277. Brenda Carey (verified owner)

    Love these masks, fits well and most importantly your glasses don’t fog up when wearing them. One of the main reasons I ordered a second set of masks. Definitely does what they are advertised to do!!!!!!

    Brenda Carey

  278. Gene (verified owner)

    just placed second order. great masks

  279. Gene (verified owner)

    excellent mask and what I was looking for.
    just packed a second order

  280. Dorothy Lettus (verified owner)

    I have had a hard time finding a comfortable face mask that doesn’t fog up my glasses, isn’t too big or too small, and doesn’t go in my mouth when I try to talk or squish my nose. At last I have found a comfortable mask from Starks! I had been holding off ordering because my early experience with filtered masks was not favorable but this is totally different. The mask is still lightweight and I can breath easily while wearing it. It may not be the prettiest mask out there but it is certainly the most comfortable!

  281. Donna (verified owner)

    Great quality mask. 3 layers , breathable and flap prevents glasses from fogging. Just received my 2nd order which had the ear tightners which made it a perfect fit. Best company I have found that make good quality mask!

  282. Alex (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding masks, and the kids sizes are fantastic for our 4 year old. She requests her Starks mask over all the others we have tried.

  283. Juliana (verified owner)

    The masks are very comfortable, and breathable. The ear tighteners make a great snug fit, and the anti-fog material at the top help when wearing glasses. I ordered two, and then ordered more colors and for family.

  284. Jill (verified owner)

    Love these masks – double layer of protection, the fabric’s feel and cut, and the nose guard are some of the features that have me preferring these masks. They were recommended to me, a teacher, by a friend who is nurse. Easily washable, and when you wear them, they don’t suck into your mouth when you try to breathe and talk. The only one I can wear all day long teaching.

  285. Cher Jackson (verified owner)

    The Mask are the most comfortable I have tried. My first order was delayed and not complete but the company completed my order. I have ordered more mask.

  286. Mark Burgess (verified owner)

    Excellent masks, especially if you wear glasses. No other mask stops the glasses fog up issue like this one. My original purchase of two masks wasn’t the best experience due to long processing and shipping times. But Starks has increased their workers from 5 to 20 people. I decided to order 4 more masks due to the excellent quality. The masks were processed and shipped very quickly this time. I don’t normally review products, but the quality that Starks has provided on these masks has compelled me to do so. I’m very pleased at their service and communication. I have recommended them to all my glasses wearing friends, and I will be a repeat customer.

  287. Whitehawk Raven

    Very comfortable and sometimes wearing for long periods of time at work. Only shortcoming would be no elastic in ear loops

  288. Lori Hagosian (verified owner)

    Best face mask! They do not fog my glasses and are very comfortable and easy to breathe in. Just placed a second order.

  289. Arlene Smith (verified owner)

    Your mask our the best Ijust place a new order love them

  290. Rosalie (verified owner)

    Found our new masks very comfortable and so did our grandchildren. I like that you can adjust them now.

  291. Roberto (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. My son feels safe wearing it to school and we do too, some of his professors had complimented him about it and asked him about the nose guard, it really works. My nephew wears it while at the gym, when working out, he said it is very comfortable and my wife enjoys the fact that her glasses don’t fog anymore and now that they are adjustable, we like them even better. I have ordered quite a few.

  292. Melissa Lowery (verified owner)

    Great quality masks. Comfortable and my glasses do not fog . I ordered more , for my kids after I received my first order because I love them

  293. Nancy and Marshall Hier (verified owner)

    These Stark’s masks are our favorites. We really like the adjustable feature that has been added to them. They are very comfortable and secure.

  294. LINDA E (verified owner)

    I am glad that I found these masks. I live in NJ by NYC where it is very congested and I am a senior with a lot of things that put me at high risk. We still can’t have visitors. I find these masks to be very well made and it’s easier for me to breathe. Plus my glasses don’t fog up.

  295. Joan G (verified owner)

    I love how soft they are. They fit my face perfectly. I have ordered twice and I might order a couple more. It took weeks getting my first order back in June but my most recent order was very fast!!

  296. Susan (verified owner)

    Happy with them and just ordered more now that they are adjustable.

  297. Deborah (verified owner)

    I feel like I’ve spent a small fortune on masks since this pandemic began, only to be disappointed…until I received my Stark’s mask! I purchased one for my husband & one for myself to try. The first time I wore my mask, I noticed that my glasses were NOT fogging, I could BREATHE & I didn’t touch my mask ONCE to readjust, pull it out of my mouth and/or to get air to breathe! They are so comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing a mask! Depending on the climate of the store we were in, it does get warm but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable like so many other masks we’ve tried. My husband loved his & suggested I order a few more for family & to have a backup…which I have done. I will definitely be recommending these masks to family & friends! Thank you Stark’s for a great product!!!!

  298. Aimee LoSeccco (verified owner)

    The best quality masks I have found so far. I work both outdoors and indoors at a large attraction and they are fantastic. For people who wear glasses and need to wear a mask for 8+ hrs a day, this is the mask for you. It sits off your face, has adjustable ear loops that don’t hurt, and the nose guard is a godsend. I just reordered another set and couldn’t be happier.

  299. Margot (verified owner)

    I love the quality, comfort and faster delivery. Excellent costumer service. Highly recommended.

  300. Debee (verified owner)

    These are the best masks made. Just wished you had navy blue!

  301. Liane A. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my masks. I have tried masks from several different companies and Starks masks are by far my favorite! Great for glasses wearers. Love that the filter is built in.

  302. Vincent Tozzi (verified owner)

    For quality, fit, durability, protection and service at a fair price – Stark’s is unmatched. The value a company offers its smallest customer is usually a good indication of how they would treat larger sales. I would not hesitate to buy a vacuum from these guys in the future should the need arise.

  303. Becky (verified owner)

    Great masks, have purchased 8 of them. Can you use fabric softener when you machine wash them? Will it break down the protective coating??

  304. Rebecca Sikes

    Great masks, have purchased 8 of them. Can you use fabric softener when you machine wash them? Will it break down the protective coating??

  305. Sally Beck (verified owner)

    These masks fit well, keep my glasses from fogging up, and wash and dry easily. An excellent product from a good company that stepped up and filled a need at an important time.

  306. Susan (verified owner)

    My second order with Stark’s arrived VERY quickly!! My whole family loves these masks! I can wear my glasses without the fog up and those ear adjusters are fabulous!! Also having kid sizes really is the best!! Thank you.

  307. Kris (verified owner)

    Bought for my daughter (6) who is VERY picky. These are the only ones she will use with the exception of the ones from Target that fall off her face. The Starks’ masks stay on and above her nose and she tolerated them well. The only downside (-1 Star) is that she reports it gets sweaty, so she needs to wear 3 different ones through the schools days. All that being said, these are a very good fit, excellent quality, and she wears them, and that’s the best we’ve found so far. 🙂

  308. Patrick Scott (verified owner)

    I like the masks, for their fit, and that they have 3 layers for protection, they are very comfortable to wear all day. I made a second order to get some different colors,great product.

  309. Mary Gordon (verified owner)

    Great masks especially if you are trying to keep glasses fog free. Have ordered a 2nd order to give to family and friends. Soft,comfortable and hand wash up very nicely.

  310. Pamilla Beeson (verified owner)

    I ordered my first masks early in the pandemic. I wear glasses so I wanted something that would help with the fogging issues that most glass-wearing people can relate to. They were perfect. I recently ordered more masks and just received them today. Making them adjustable was a great addition. I love the new colors.

  311. Joao Demoraes (verified owner)

    Best face masks out there. I have bought a few different face masks online and this one is by far the best one

  312. Patty (verified owner)

    These are the best masks I’ve ever used! I love that you keep making improvements by listening to your customers and you are a US company. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know!

  313. Brandon (verified owner)

    These masks are so great! Hands down, the best ones I’ve found. They’re super soft, are firm enough to stay away from your mouth, and super breathable. I added a stick-on nose wire to mine, and my glasses haven’t fogged up once. I’ve ordered 6 of these, and they will be all I use.

  314. Beverly Schine (verified owner)

    I purchased 4 a couple of months ago. They are good quality, but don’t find they keep my glasses from fogging up. I gave one to my granddaughter, but it was too big for her. Glad you are doing small ones. I have ordered more including a small one. Like that you are doing adjustable ones too!

  315. Sandra L Foss (verified owner)

    For those of you concerned about WHERE your masks are from, let me reassure you these are from OREGON! I made my initial purchase SOLELY based on the fact that I was raised in Portland and KNEW about the integrity of the products from Stark’s. I bought my fist vacuum there 53 years ago!!! They have STAYED in business because their product and service is beyond reproach. I have bought masks , usually shipping from another country, that are laughable in their attempt. Of course, NOT as funny if YOU are the one wearing the ineffectual mask however. Stark’s masks are made from high quality material and triple layer. VERY comfortable and soft on the skin AND washable!! I have breathing issues, so breathability is a major concern. I have no trouble with these masks and they remain comfortable despite our current high temperatures here in California. I have purchased for myself and my family and I am now awaiting my second order! Customer service is amazing as well. I had a concern about being able to track my first order and received a lovely e-mail response which answered all my questions. The final PLUS for me is I am sure beyond any doubt that Stark’s jumped into this fray of making masks NOT as a profit making decision, but because of a concern for community safety. If THAT doesn’t say this company is special, nothing does.

  316. Pat Camillo (verified owner)

    This is the absolute BEST face mask! !he secret lies in the dart placed in the middle which allows a small space for you to breathe without compromising the mask in any way. The nose guard also limits any fog if you wear glasses. I’m starting a collection! As a nurse practitioner, I enjoy reading Consumer Lab and recently they did a review of face masks but didn’t include Starks. I wrote to them and they were not aware of these masks but hopefully, in the future they’ll be included in their review because they’re the best!!

  317. Charisma Tandy (verified owner)

    I sent a site link and recommendation to my daughter’s teacher after she inquired about the source of the mask she was wearing. The nose guard and ability to adjust strap tightness are the best features. Our glasses still fog up occasionally but it is greatly reduced as compared to other mask styles. We ordered enough to always have a few clean ones to choose from as we walk out the door. They hold scent so wash with a detergent that you can stand smelling all day!

  318. Sunny Inge (verified owner)

    Just received my second order, my ‘homemade ‘ masks are starting to fall apart, so these are a lifesaver –literally.

  319. Christie VanWey (verified owner)

    Love these masks. Ordered 5 the first time and had to order more because they are perfect!

  320. Deborah Skroch (verified owner)

    We just received our second order of masks. My high schoolers chose these as the ones they’d like to have for school. Solid colors meets with school desks code requirements, so everybody wins. Comfortable. Quality materials. Quick service. A+

  321. Belinda Walenta (verified owner)

    These are very good quality and comfortable to wear. I like them even better now that they are adjustable. I have ordered several.

  322. Karen (verified owner)

    Most comfortable mask I’ve found. The ear loops do not hurt ears as many others do.

  323. Francine (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered for a second time. I like the quality and the anti fog feature

  324. Becky (verified owner)

    Excellent product. By far the best mask I have bought. I feel safe sending my son to school wearing this mask as they have a filter and are made from hydrophobic materials. The regular size fits my 13-year-old son and the small fits my 10-year-old daughter. Both say the masks are very comfortable, soft, breathable and fit well. We love that they are adjustable. Two thumbs up!

  325. Paula Davis (verified owner)

    Love the masks I received a few months ago so much so that I placed another order for two more. Oh & I love the new colors. 😁

  326. Eddie Morgan (verified owner)

    Great fit and comfortable. New mask helps keep my glasses from fogging up.

  327. Linda Pittman (verified owner)

    Second time I ordered they don’t fog glasses and very good quality

  328. Joyce (verified owner)

    This is the first mask that fits my face. Finally! I ordered two and they were too large so I gave one to each of my grandsons and they each wanted an additional one. When I went back for that order, I saw that there is now a way to adjust the mask so I ordered two more for my self. With the little beads, I can adjust to my face and it is a perfect fit – so comfortable. One of the new masks had only one bead so I wrote customer service. They sent additional beads and instructions as to how to put them on. Again – great service – thank you!!

  329. Janiece A. Kasper (verified owner)

    Great quality. The only reason I gave it a 4 star because my right lens in my glasses still fogs some. Over all I do love the material and that it’s much easier to breath and be comfortable.

  330. Mandy Lopinto (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! I wore my mask to a hospital and had doctors inquiring where I bought mine. The loved the nose guard for glasses. I gave them your website to order.

  331. Mandy Lopinto (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! I wore my mask to a hospital and had doctors inquiring where I bought mine. The loved the nose guard for glasses. I gave them your website to order.

  332. Lisa (verified owner)

    I have tried a million masks and this one is my favorite. It is the perfect combination of protection and breathability. This is the only mask I could wear for an extended amount of time. I will be ordering more.

  333. Jeff Adelman

    Best mask I have purchased. Once my family saw the design, they all wanted them too! You can wear it with glasses and they don’t fog up. It also securely covers your nose with minimal exposure. Terrific design. Highly recommend

  334. Whitney R. (verified owner)

    Ordered several of these masks praying they would be as good as everyone said because I’d had zero luck with the other store-bought and hand-made ones up till this point. These really are the stuff! They are the only ones without a nose wire that still stays up without slipping and the nose guard isn’t fussy or bothersome at all. I don’t wear glasses but I do have severe chronic dry eye, and this mask is the only one that doesn’t make my dry eyes more irritated because the air doesn’t come out around the top of the nose fitting. Not too heavy, looked brand new after washing. Favorite mask by far, and I’ve worked through this entire hot mess these last few months, so I’ve tried a lot! Y’all rock!

  335. Robin Cloud (verified owner)

    Love the mask! My glasses don’t fog up!

  336. KC (verified owner)

    Omgosh,what a delight. I’m 65, wear glasses, and have had a hard time finding a reusable mask that works as well as the KN95. Definitely worth the purchase. I’m ordering more!

  337. Sandra Allen (verified owner)

    Great masks. I just made a second order.

  338. Stephanie V (verified owner)

    Just got our second order of Stark’s masks! My kids love how soft they are, and that they adjust easily. My husband and I love the coverage, comfort, and adjustability. This most recent order arrived in just a few days — really helpful with our school district going back to in person learning!

  339. Keith Sonnenberg (verified owner)

    I like the fit, the colors, the three layers.

  340. Maryann (verified owner)

    Best mask! I ordered 3 to start, loved them so much and ordered 3 more! Great coverage, stay in place when I talk and so comfortable.

  341. Shelly Winchester (verified owner)

    I just received my confirmation email that my order was received, but I realize that part of my address is incorrect! I can’t find any way to contact anyone! If you see this, order #462328 on 9/2 should be delivered to 19-18 Angelo Terrace and NOT 19 Angelo Terrace!

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      I just verified and our shipping software updated your address the correct one automatically.

  342. Nancy Lama (verified owner)

    This is the most effective mask I’ve tried. I tested 4 kinds by working in extremely dusty conditions in my garden. This is the only mask that completely filtered out the dust. While it’s not my most comfortable mask, I ordered more because of their effectiveness. My order came very quickly.

  343. Eric Figge (verified owner)

    These masks are the best. We’ve been through so many masks to finally find these. Our complaints were difficult to breathe, fogged glasses and aching ears and these fixed all the issues. Another benefit is the masks don’t touch your face when you talk but you also don’t need the silicone insert some people are having to buy. Simply the best!!!

  344. Mike Hartman (verified owner)

    Good quality and designed masks but too small for my face even though I have a small face. Please make a larger size and I will order more masks. I gave mine to my 7 year old.

  345. Kelly Ponto Watrin (verified owner)

    Easy to wear and to wash. Ordered 3 the first time and re-ordered 3 more so I can rotate more effectively.

  346. Brenda Jenkins (verified owner)

    Great fit and very comfortable. This was my second order and received them within a couple of days.

  347. Karen Harris (verified owner)

    Love the masks! Comfortable, breathable, and my glasses don’t fog up. I bought one to try, and ended up purchasing 2 more.

  348. MJ (verified owner)

    I have had my mask for about a month now and they are by far the best for eyeglass wearers. They don’t fog up as much as other mask so I ordered more. I am very happy with these mask!

  349. Michelle Segraves (verified owner)

    Love these masks! Very comfortable to wear and adjustable. Nose flap works great, keeps glasses from fogging up. Good quality, hold up great even after a few washings. Just ordered some of the kids masks for my grandchildren.

  350. Virginia (verified owner)

    Great masks. Bought two to start then bought more for my family and friends.

  351. David Andrzejewski (verified owner)

    Best mask I purchased so far! Timely shipping and ease of use of their site. Went back for another order!

  352. Helene (verified owner)

    We purchased the original masks and they were great but I have a small face. I just bought two adjustable masks and they are perfect. More comfortable, does not move and it fits perfectly. Love my masks…thank you!

  353. Marcia E Catlett (verified owner)

    These are the best masks I have and the ones I wear 95% of the time. Very comfortable and they do not cause my glasses to fog up.

  354. Maey L (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the smaller adult/children size masks. They fit very well as most adult masks fit right below my eyes. They arrived few days after we ordered them. Please let the staff know how happy we are with the masks and we plan to order more, now we know they will fit me.

  355. Erin (verified owner)

    I am a teacher and I have to wear a mask 8+ hours per day and talk through them. These are the most comfortable masks I’ve been able to find. They do not get damp after hours of talking and they are light on the face. I like the nose bridge because it keeps the mask from sliding off when I talk. They are definitely worth $12!

  356. Barbara Doerner (verified owner)

    Great masks – comfortable and no fog! Also great customer service! Placed my third order today!

  357. Paul Paquette (verified owner)

    Love the masks. Actually ordered a few more. They fit my face perfectly, are very soft and easy to breathe with them on for longer periods. But please add a nose clip. The flap does come up, but not a secure fit without the clip.

  358. Nancy Durr (verified owner)

    I finally found masks that fit great! I love the fabric and the adjustable earloops. It even fits great on my 3 year old daughter. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the loop of 1 of the masks broke when my daughter wore it for the first time. But all the others are great! I contacted customer service but haven’t heard from them yet.

  359. Karen Lance (verified owner)

    I really like the fit of the mask. The nose guard makes the mask stay in place even when you talk, and the addition of the adjusters of the earpieces have made the masks fit very well. I even ordered a second set because I really like the fit. The blue mask is not a royal blue as shown on the site, but it is a pretty color.

  360. Mike Kline (verified owner)

    Best mask out there now that they have the adjustable ear straps. Buy them today, don’t wait.

  361. Kelly (verified owner)

    These are great – they don’t stick to your face when you breathe and fit well. Bonus: They look great right after washing – you don’t have to iron them!

  362. Stephen Beckwith (verified owner)

    Ordered the original (non-adjustable strap) ones very early on. Took a while together them, but this is my “go to” mask (of several different ones I have). The nose guard for glasses is WONDERFUL, this seems to be the “best fit” of the different masks I have. My only complaint is that size wise: it’s bigger than others, but still has issues with talking though the mask (one other mask I can’t talk with it on, it doesn’t cover enough). I have another mask that is bigger that the Stark’s one, and is better for talking. Overall, the quality is good, they wash well. Now that you have colors, time for an “update” 🙂

  363. TERESA BROWN (verified owner)

    The masks made by this company fit well and are comfortable. I love the fact that there are multiple colors to choose from! Good job, Starks!

  364. Brenda Zaborac (verified owner)

    Love the masks and they are made of good quality and comfortable. Love the feature for the nose that prevents glasses from fogging up.

  365. Deborah Agan (verified owner)

    Good mask. Fast delivery. One problem the plastic adjuster broke on first inspection. I have ordered the hard plastic mask locks.

  366. Vicki Smith (verified owner)

    I have order x2 and am very pleased with the speed and quality of the masks. I work in the medical field teaching and with the nose piece covering I feel confident wearing these masks all day.

  367. Michelle (verified owner)

    I love these masks! I want to order more. If I buy four and get one free, will I get to choose the color of the free mask? Thank you!

  368. Andrea Freeman (verified owner)

    My son LOVED these masks so much we placed a second order!

  369. Jennifer Recker (verified owner)

    I am in nursing school and doing clinicals in the hospital. The hospital isn’t giving us masks; we are required to bring our own. I also need to wear glasses, and have yet found a mask that prevents fogging. I kept seeing the ads, so after the first clinical, I went ahead and ordered 4 masks. I LOVE THEM!!! I have had no issues with fogging and they fit perfectly. I also feel much more safe using these masks in the hospital than I did in the thin cotton mask I wore the first day. Thank you!!! Happy nursing student!

  370. Ruth M. Barrow (verified owner)

    The best and ordered 2 set for other family members

  371. Meg Averett (verified owner)

    Loved my first order but they took a month to get to me. No longer, I took a chance and reordered and they got to me in ONE WEEK! They are the best and the only ones I’ve had that kept my glasses from fogging, are comfortable, and for great. Thank you.

  372. Julie (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd order. These are great masks and help keep my glasses on and not fogged up. Sending some to my family, have given one to a friend and have encouraged others. We are essential health care workers and I really appreciate the design, fit, and feel. The last order I put in shipped out the same day and I got them 3 days later. Awesome! Thanks Starks!!

  373. G. Gill (verified owner)

    Fast customer service, received order within 3 days of ordering and in the right quantity that I ordered. Well made, breathable and filters smoke from the wildfires. Perhaps, the next version can be water resistant or waterproof for the rainy season. Thank Stark for these wonderful masks!

    • T Evans (verified owner)

      Already water resistant.

  374. Maureen Gargan (verified owner)

    Love 💗 these masks, especially the ones I just got!

  375. Rachel Stuckey (verified owner)

    Love the fit & comfort!

  376. Ajai Sehgal (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these to start and ended up buying two more. They really are the best face masks that I have seen. Comfortable, functional and well designed with a good seal to stop glasses from fogging. These masks have my recommendation as does the customer service from Stark which is awesome with masks shipping out the same day ordered!

  377. John Boykin (verified owner)

    We initially purchased 5 masks earlier in the year and were very pleased with them. They cover our faces completely and really do cut down on the eyeglass fogging we experienced with other masks. We just received 5 more masks and are very pleased with the ability to adjust them now. My wife is a teacher and these really make me feel like these help protect her and her students.

  378. Shawn Green (verified owner)

    Both my husband and my son wear glasses. They both say these masks do not make their glasses fog up. These are high quality, well made masks. I am so glad I found them.

  379. Monica (verified owner)

    Great masks! I am 5’1″ and the small fits me well. These masks are very breathable and comfortable. I am so glad they added more colors. I tried one and it fit so well I bought 4 more. Thank you Starks!

  380. Cathy (verified owner)

    I have placed my second order. This is the only mask that keeps my glasses from fogging and it stays in place. It is well made and, as far as masks go, very comfortable. I highly recommend this mask.

  381. Thomas J Long (verified owner)

    Great mask, excellent quality, and one of the best for not letting your glasses fog-up when your wearing it. Much cooler as well that “cotton” masks. Quick shipping

  382. dave (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased masks from various vendors this year and I can definitely say that your product is my favorite. I have the confidence that I will be protected while using your masks.

  383. YONA COHEN (verified owner)

    I think they are well made and make me feel well protected.

  384. YONA COHEN (verified owner)

    Very impressed with quality and fit. They are comfortable and, most importantly, I feel well protected,.

  385. YONA COHEN (verified owner)

    Very impressed with quality and fit. They are comfortable and, most importantly, I feel well protected, enough to happily share with my family. Easy care instructions and I do not need to go elsewhere to search for face coverings.

  386. Linda Hamilton (verified owner)

    Great fit, my glasses don’t steam up thanks to the nose flap, and they are breathable. My husband and I each have 4 + 2 extra. I hand wash and let them air dry, especially out in the sun.

  387. H Robertson (verified owner)

    Have ordered twice – and most likely will order more. The size small masks are perfect for myself and my mother. I’m 5’6 and she 5’0, both 115 lbs. The fit is far superior to any other mask we’ve tried. Shipping is quick. Highly recommend.

  388. Lynn (verified owner)

    I have various masks…..some I have made, others I have purchased. This is my favorite. It is very comfortable. The one I have just slip around my ears. They work fine and don’t steam up my glasses. I am excited to find they now have adjustable ear pieces. I consider that another plus for these masks…so I have ordered more!

  389. Marjorie Fein (verified owner)

    I can breath when wearing the masks! They are soft on my face! The new ones have adjusters – just makes them better! Thank you for making me comfortable in the middle of a most uncomfortable time!

  390. Auta (verified owner)

    The best mask I’ve tried, I won’t wear any others. Had bought two and then ended up getting four more and it’s a very reasonable price for such high quality.

  391. Vanessa LaVere (verified owner)

    I ordered 4, got a fifth one free and loved all 5. They fit my husband and me very well. They are easy to clean. The colors are basic for matching with outfits. I ordered 4 more and got another fifth one free. If you have to wear a mask, especially with glasses, these are the best of all I have tried and the only I have recorded.

  392. Jo Linker (verified owner)

    Love your masks but a couple of them are larger then my first three I ordered. You sent me little black rubber circles to put on the ear loops but need to know if there is a secret to getting them on?

  393. KaylieMac (verified owner)

    These mask are very good quality, the fit is excellent and the nose guard really works. Mask breathable as it is very hot here in Georgia. My family and I are very pleased and highly recommend Starks’ mask.

  394. Janice

    Comfortable, nice color selection, love the nose flap.

  395. Jeff Waggaman (verified owner)

    Excellent masks! Get many compliments? Great customer service! I got my last order in two days! Highly recommend! You will
    Love them!

  396. Arlene Satterfield (verified owner)

    A must have washable mask! A repeat customer here…👍👍👍

  397. Margo Monroe (verified owner)

    So far the best cloth masks I have purchased.

  398. Stephen Gresoro (verified owner)

    These are the best masks! We have tried MANY different masks for everyday wear and this is the only ones we will wear. It doesn’t fog up my glasses, the material is the easiest to breathe through (with 3 layers) and is super soft

  399. Peggy (verified owner)

    Best masks ever! Soft, comfortable and great if you wear glasses! Thank you for a great product.

  400. TIFFANY SLADE (verified owner)

    Love it. I needed a mask that would not fog up my glasses.

  401. Gail (verified owner)

    Nice quality, great fit. Just ordered some of the new colors.

  402. Sharon Younkin (verified owner)

    Outstanding mask!! Comfortable and good quality, holds up in the wash, and the glasses guard ensures that glasses don’t fog up. We’ve purchased a number of these masks and are very satisfied.

  403. Debra L Powell-Taylor (verified owner)

    Great mask. 3 layers and comfortable. You feel safer than with other masks.

  404. Chuck Holton (verified owner)

    Stark’s mask continues to improve from the first ones I ordered until today with the adjustable ear tabs. They listen to their customer’s needs and complaints and evolve. Customer service is off the chart.

  405. Aileen Warren (verified owner)

    These masks fit me perfectly, with and without eye glasses, so I have ordered quite a few for myself. They are very well made. They are not as comfortable for my husband who has a larger head.

  406. Kathy (verified owner)

    Bought one for my Grandson for school, he said they really keep his glasses from fogging, so l ordered him more. Thanks for such a good product.

  407. Nick Clark (verified owner)

    Good masks that fit me better than any others I have tried. Quick turn around on orders at this point with a decent selection of solid colors. Any chance you’ll add some pattered fabrics?

  408. Dayna Schwartz (verified owner)

    My husband works in the medical field. I bought 2 of these Stark masks (one adult and one child). My husband loves his mask and we have to wash it every night for him to wear again the next day. These masks keep a solid shape after washing. I have ordered 5 more masks and can’t wait for them to arrive. Thank you!

  409. Jeff Bouley (verified owner)

    Really nice quality, and the variety of color choices (which were minimal at first) that has emerged since they started doing masks is great

  410. Judith Stull (verified owner)

    LOVE these face masks! I wear glasses and have stuggled finding a mask that did not fog up my glasses AND be confortable to wear. Your masks check all the boxes for me. I received 2 masks and immediately ordered 4 more. Love the color selections, service was OUTSTANDING!! THANK YOU!

  411. Sam W (verified owner)

    I have now had to wear lots of different masks throughout this “pandemic”. Some way more expensive and way less comfortable. Stark masks are the most comfortable, and are priced fairly. Great product. I have ordered another round of them so we can keep them in heavy rotation here with our family.

  412. Shelley (verified owner)

    Great fitting mask that works well with glasses. I teach school and have to wear a mask all day. The Stark mask is the only mask I can stand to wear while teaching, so I need to order more. I have been taking up the straps a tiny bit on the original mask. Which new size is closest to the original?

  413. Mike Creamer (verified owner)

    I am a high school teacher. I’m wearing a mask all day long while I teach. Hands down, Stark’s face masks are the most comfortable. Stark’s masks prevent my glasses from fogging up far more efficiently than other masks I own. I recommend Stark’s masks without reservation.

  414. Evelyn (verified owner)

    I have a teen with autism and ADHD. He had to wear a mask to attend summer school. We tried several and the Starks masks were the ones he preferred. I ordered more as he will be returning to school in the fall and masks will be required. Thanks for a comfortable mask he doesn’t mind wearing.

  415. Paula Henderson (verified owner)

    Well made, very comfortable. it stays on my nose without feeling like I need to adjust it. My glasses don’t fog up, either. I ordered two for my husband and I to try out and quickly ordered four more since it looks like we’ll be wearing masks for awhile. They wash great in my washing machine and I hang them to dry.

  416. Ann Conatser (verified owner)

    Completely satisfied. Ordering was easy. Delivery was easy. Ljked the fact that they’re made here in Oregon!
    Ordered last Spring and just placed second order for more with COVID dragging on. Love that you’ve added adjuster to straps. Thank you!

  417. Margaret Pluta (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these masks. I wear glasses and find most masks will fog my glasses. I have purchased Fog Gone, but I still needed something more to stop the fogging. These masks does the trick. I will be purchasing more. They are pretty colors, and fit pretty good. Some masks seem to be slightly larger but I washed & dried them in a dryer. They seem to have shrunk which I am hoping will fit better. Great quality at a fantastic price. Thanks Starks!! Shipping them to me on the Eastcoast I was surprised to see how pretty quickly they arrived. 1 week, and I am very happy.

  418. C H Messier (verified owner)

    The contour is a natural fit for my face. The best part for me is the little pocket for my chin. I haven’t seen any other company incorporate that into their design. They are very breathable, wash very easily without loosing shape; and they are made in the USA!!!

  419. Merry Cushing (verified owner)

    Very pleased with these face masks. I wear glasses and they help with preventing glasses from fogging up. Well made.

  420. Claudia Casiano (verified owner)

    I like your masks. First I like the piece that comes up over the nose because it keeps my glasses from fogging up and second I like them because they allow me to easily breath. Plus the lining keeps my face cooler than others i’ve tried.

  421. Paula Lawrence (verified owner)

    Best mask I have worn! Very great quality, great fit and so very comfortable, especially for all day use while at work. My glasses don’t fog, I can breathe and people can hear me very clearly. I have ordered more for my parents and I am also recommending them to my co-worker. THANK YOU!!

  422. Kathy (verified owner)

    Love these masks! Received an earlier version of these and had issues with glasses fogging, so sewed a metal nose clip inside the main portion of the mask. Question, is washing in cool or lukewarm water sufficient? I rarely wash anything but bedding in hot water. Thanks!

  423. Shirley Hubert (verified owner)

    Love these masks. Many people ask where I have purchased these. Have given your contact info to many!

  424. VICKI DUMLER (verified owner)

    Feels comfortable. Does not fog glasses like others. Feels cooler yet better coverage

  425. Timothy P Royals (verified owner)

    Good fit, variety of colors

  426. Elaine Miller (verified owner)

    Comfortable fit. Good quality. I actually placed a second order because I liked them so much!

  427. graceann lushenko (verified owner)

    My 2 orders of masks have come and I thank you for sending them. Wore one today and was well pleased with the comfort and fit. The assortment of colors is wonderful too. Thank you so much for the great product.

  428. Erika (verified owner)

    I’ve both made and purchased many different masks over the past few months, and none of them compare to the Starks mask. This mask is super comfortable, covers everything, and it doesn’t close in on your mouth. My 6-year-old has autism and is comfortable wearing this mask for hours. Highly recommend!

  429. Tom Mauser (verified owner)

    Very good mask. Have been looking for one that’s adjustable and prevents fogging on my glasses. This one does a good job with the fogging–but you have to pull that extra piece of cloth up onto your nose to make it work. The little extra step is worth it. Second set I ordered came really quickly.

  430. Eileen MacKrell (verified owner)

    Outstanding masks. I like the new smaller size and adjustable straps, both of which work well for me; I’m also impressed that Starks was able to improve their products so rapidly based on feedback. Way to go Starks! The masks are comfortable, they’re easily washed, the anti-fogging nosepiece is effective, and they even come in several colors. Best masks available right now.

  431. Kevin McCarthy (verified owner)

    It’s is the first mask that fits both my 7 year old and glasses wearing 12 year old. They both think it’s comfortable and lightweight and breathable. Great quality mask!

  432. Georgette Cole (verified owner)

    These are so comfortable and functional. The .3 micron filter is reassuring; but it’s still easy to breathe normally and not collapsing on my mouth when I talk. I use the nose guard always, it feels more secure. The ear strap adjusters are perfect for making the mask fit both me (small) and my husband (large). I ordered 4 masks and the free extra mask they sent was the nice light grey which either my husband or I can use. Great choice Stark! The order took 2 day to process and 4 days with the USPS so I got it only 6 days from placing the order. I am very happy with both the masks and the Stark company!

  433. Peggy Beck (verified owner)

    EST mask made. Fast delivery also. Just placed reorder now that I see how well built they are.

  434. SAMUEL JIMENEZ (verified owner)

    Fitting was perfect and the price is just right.Easy to breath and the mask looks great. My family love it so much that I ordered 4 more and same as the first order, I got one for free.These mask is totally awesome and not overprice and it’s ship from here in the US and comes in 3-4 days. Thank you STARKS.

  435. Allison R. (verified owner)

    Just ordered my 2nd set of masks for my family. Love the quality and comfort of these masks, especially the anti-fog nose piece as both my husband and I wear glasses. The quality and customer service of Starks is excellent!

  436. Sherry Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    We have tried a bunch of different masks and these are the favorite of everyone in the family. I just ordered more for each of us. They are very comfortable and really do prevent glasses from fogging. Our first order was a bit delayed but the second one shipped within a day or two. I initially debated what size to order…I am a small female but I was worried the small would be too small. The regular size fits well, although I usually put a safety pin in the material under my chin (but I do that with every mask). I love the three layers. Great masks!

  437. bill (verified owner)

    works as advertised. very comfotable and breatheable,

  438. bill (verified owner)

    works as advertised. very comfotable and breatheable,

  439. Jose Almodovar (verified owner)

    I found thia product a few months ago. My Brother recommended them and gave them a try. These are my everyday face coverings. I went through several before settling on this one. Thank you. This will be my third order.

  440. Bill (verified owner)

    Great fit – nose piece works great with glasses – second order & really enjoy the new colors!

  441. JONI G SAUER-FOLGER (verified owner)

    Good Quality. Comfortable & adjustable. They wash up quickly. My fav so far. LOVE the nose bridge. It helps to keep my glasses from fogging.

  442. Connie PERRY (verified owner)


  443. Cindy (verified owner)

    Like the fit, colors and feel of the masks. Believe they will be my favorites.

  444. Sherri C. (verified owner)

    These masks really work very well! I love them so much I purchased more for my two nieces who haves to start back to school. I’ll probably purchase more for myself as well! The defogger is a great!

  445. Nancy Wisehart (verified owner)