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Nose Bridge Strip for Masks (50 Pack)

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Metal Bridge Strips(50 Pack) that you can use for your face masks, helping the mask conform to your nose.  This can help slipping and additionally help with fogging.

Attach while wearing mask to form a tight seal.

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18 reviews for Nose Bridge Strip for Masks (50 Pack)

  1. Gloria Laundrie

    Exactly what I am looking for, as to fit and durability. Have not had these before.

  2. Gloria Laundrie

    Reviews sound like what I will want to have around.

  3. Mary Vance

    When I first saw these masks online, I ordered. Found a few way to large, a couple fit perfect and are my go to. I wear glasses and HEARING AIDS, spent 20 minutes in a parking lot looking for a hearing aid. The loops are a lot behind the ear with glasses and hearing aids. I vote for a stretchy tie for behind the head. These masks wash and dry great. Need a size between large adult and child. Just don’t need more but wish I had the new colors.

  4. Leslie

    I have placed three orders. I love the colors and the fit. Do wish there were more colors. They are way more comfortable than cotton masks.

  5. Leslie

    I have placed three orders. I love the colors and the fit. Do wish there were more colors. They are way more comfortable than cotton masks.

  6. Andrea

    I’ve purchased a lot of these (had some good missing haha) over the last year, and wear them exclusively for work at a grocery store. They’re quite warm, as I’m constantly moving around at work, but that means they work!
    My only complaint is that camo is no longer available in regular, that’s my faaaavorite 🙁

  7. Cindi

    How does the nose strap attach?

    • T Evans

      The nose strips have adhesive on one side. Peel the sticker off the back and attach to the nose guard while wearing it to get a good fit.

  8. Kaeligh

    This is my 4th round of purchasing from Starks. We have refreshed our Starks masks every 6 month since March 2020. They are just right for everyone in our family! We feel comfortable and safe in them & they are soft against our skin.

  9. Rhian Waller

    We love these masks, we have put in three orders for us and the kids – haven’t tried the nose strips as honestly we haven’t needed them (we are glasses wearers). One thing I do with they’d consider is making a tie behind the head version – particularly for kids with stretchy ties they can just lift up and down themselves (but also for adults because we prefer the behind the head ones too!) – they’re also a lot easier to get a tight fit without hurting your ears.

  10. Joann Aldering

    My 2nd order. Most comfortable masks I have tried so far. Getting nose strips this time–hoping to eliminate as much eyeglass fog as possible. This mask eliminates fogging better than any other I have tried but hoping nose strips will help even more.

  11. James Pennington


  12. Pat Yanish

    The best I’ve found for wearing glasses.

  13. Eva L. Foster

    I figure if anyone understands air filters, it’s people who sell vacuum cleaners! These masks are very comfortable. I like the new colors, and the fact that the masks are washable. My rating may go up when I’ve tried the metal nose strips.


    Very comfortable to wear I didn’t get the nose bridge strip the first time I ordered. I would like a red,black and burgundy one are you gonna make more colors?

  15. Elva lopez

    I like the masks,but they send me tow of the same color. I had ordered one blue and one purple one ,I got tow purple ones, I tried call and was told to send a message to the support website,but it said the server was not working.

    • T Evans

      Email, The email address works and it will create a ticket and support will follow up quickly. Stay Safe.

  16. Kathy Thorne

    Love this mask…have 4 of them…fog free as stated.

  17. Eric ladd


  18. Eric ladd

    Real good

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