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Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

Operating out of California, Riccar has been selling premier vacuums for over five decades. Riccar is driven by one passion—to make world-class vacuums. Riccar vacuums represent the highest standards in durability, material, and design. They provide exceptional filtration and cleaning ability, and they include unique specialty features. Riccar provides top-quality vacuums, using the most useful, up-to-date features available. Riccar vacuums are only sold exclusively through Authorized Riccar Retailers who commit to high standards of ethics and service. If you’re looking for high suction and airflow numbers and the most robust performance possible, go with a Riccar!

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  • Riccar 40 Series Premium

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    Premium features and our highest level of particle and odor filtration.

    The Premium R40P.4 still has all the features and technology that set it apart from every other vacuum on the market. Now, however, it’s been redesigned with improved usability. With an improved carry handle built into the vacuum, it’s easier to carry when needed. And we’ve changed the color to a rich black with gold accents. We haven’t cut corners with durability or performance.

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  • Riccar 30 Series Deluxe

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA
    Power, durability and filtration flex their muscles.

    The 30 Series Deluxe has a new look with a built-in carry handle and a rich, new color. It features the revolutionary Tandem Air System and multi-stage filtration including HEPA media and charcoal filters to trap allergens and odors. A self-sealing HEPA media bag makes bag changing simple.

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  • Riccar Cordless SupraLite

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    No cord means no limits.

    With the SupraLite Cordless Vacuum, enjoy the power of a regular vacuum without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord, tangles and trip hazards, or running out of cord just before the job is done. With a 44-volt lithium ion battery, the SupraLite cordless runs for up to 50 minutes* without charging, and with the press of a button, a battery level indicator lets you know when you need to recharge.

    The SupraLite cordless is durable with a metal handle tube, brushroll, wheel axles and upright stop. It also uses the self-sealing genuine HEPA media vacuum bag to trap dust.

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  • Riccar SupraLite Premium

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    Built to exceed your floor cleaning expectations.

    The SupraLite Premium is a powerhouse of a vacuum suited to floor cleaning no matter what type of floor. It’s light enough to transport up and downstairs, and best of all, it’s easy to push. The Premium model has a 40-foot power cord to clean room after room without stopping, and a 24-inch long self-sealing HEPA media bag to trap dust and dirt. The Premium model is the only SupraLite equipped with a Hall sensor and a lifetime belt; there’s no need to replace the belt when shoelaces jam the brushroll. It also features rubber wheels and non-marking bumper, a two-speed motor and a metal brushroll with replaceable brushstrips that can be customized for delicate floor types or rugs. The SupraLite also includes Red Carpet Service Plan checkups to keep your vacuum running at its best for years.

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  • Riccar Commercial Vibrance with Belt Protection

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    This vacuum not only cleans carpeted and bare floors superbly, but also it features an array of on-board tools that make quick work of cleaning above the floor, whether it’s upholstery, baseboards, blinds shelves or ceiling corners. Its Hall sensor shuts off the motor when a jam is detected. Just clear the jam, and get back to vacuuming, without having to change the belt. With metal parts in high-wear areas, the Commercial Vibrance will astound with its value and performance.

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  • Riccar R25 Pet Premium

    Outstanding maneuverability, plus premium particle and odor control, dirt sensor and pet hair remover tool.

    The R25 Pet vacuum provides a world-class cleaning experience on bare floors to plush carpets and everything in between. Using Clean Air technology, it’s also built to provide powerful suction using tools. The R25P features include:

    • Dirt sensor lights turn off when its okay to move on.
    • LIfetime belt protection stops the brushroll from turning until the jam is cleared, saving you from unexpected belt changes.
    • Full bag sensor lights up to indicate that it’s time to change the bag, which eliminates guesswork.
    • 360 turning turns on a dime, every time, allowing ultimate maneuverability through your home.
    • HEPA media filtration and granulated charcoal filters for our highest level of particle and odor filtration.
    • Top-loading HEPA media bag captures more dust and locks in particles like dust, dander and pet hair.
    • Self-cleaning Fur Get It pet tool cleans pet hair from upholstery and stairs.
  • Riccar R25 Deluxe

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    Powerful cleaning to combat allergies plus advanced design that makes it a delight to use.

    New from Riccar, the R25 Deluxe is an advanced cleaning machine, built for power, performance and ease of use. The R25D model has a self-adjusting nozzle that transitions beautifully from ultra-plush carpet to bare floors without scratching wood or blowing dust. Large rubber wheels, plus 360-degree casters and smaller rubber wheels mean the vacuum turns on a dime. Lower it to the floor for cleaning under furnishings easily, or stretch it a full 11 feet to clean crevices you never thought you’d reach with an upright vacuum.

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  • Riccar SupraLite Standard

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

    There’s nothing standard about this SupraLite.

    At just nine pounds and packed with cleaning power, the SupraLite Standard is easy to use, easy to transport and cleans way better than “standard”. Its performance earned it a Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. From its Deluxe Touch handle grip and metal handle tube to its rubber wheels and non-marking bumper, the SupraLite is designed to take the chore out of vacuuming. A 35-foot cord and 24-inch long self-sealing HEPA media bag mean fewer stops. Great for cleaning wall-to-wall carpet and bare floors and area rugs, the two-speed SupraLite Standard will quickly become your go-to vacuum.

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Riccar Upright Vacuums

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Why Buy a Riccar Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Unrivaled cleaning performance: Riccar goes beyond surface debris. With its HEPA Plus Filter and 100% sealed system, its vacuums are can remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. And they use metal components, so they only need to be repaired; not replaced.
  • Variety of options: Riccar vacuums come in varying price points, you can purchase a Riccar for less than other popular vacuums that cost at least $400, but still receive a more powerful machine.
  • Exceptional warranties: Warranties available on Riccar vacuums for 3 to 6 years.
  • Exclusive Red Carpet Service Plan: Riccar offers free vacuum services on some of their higher-end vacuums.
Riccar 25 series black vacuum

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