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Miele logo. Miele Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend and Vancouver WA - Stark's VacuumsWith world-class filtration and a commitment to quality, Miele vacuum cleaners are among the best in the world. Miele vacuum bags are designed to trap as many particles and allergens as possible, locking them into the bag and away from your home! Whether your vacuum needs a paper Miele bag or one of their specially-spun 3-ply fiber bags, you can have confidence in genuine Miele vacuum bags.

What Makes Miele Bags Different

Miele’s dedication to quality extends to all of their products, including their specially-designed vacuum bags. Though they do produce paper bags for specific models, most of their vacuum bags are made of spun fibers. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Miele bags:

  • Every box of vacuum bags comes with two replacement filters:
    • One for air filtration, and the other to protect the motor.
  • Miele vacuum bags are specially designed to improve performance, are incredibly durable, and very effective at filtering.
  • The newer, 3-ply fiber bags “3D” bags have specific features:
    • A spring-loaded lid seals in dirt and allergens when the bag is detached.
    • Made of specially-designed layers of fiber, for superior durability.
    • They hold 20% more than older bags.
  • Miele bags are color-coded for easy replacement:
    • Match the color and you’re good to go!
  • Easy installation with an improved bag collar.
  • Miele HEPA vacuum bags are among the highest quality in the industry.

How to Change Miele Vacuum Bags

Miele bags are some of the easiest to change! Here is the basic process for replacing your bag:

  1. Open your vacuum bag compartment.
  2. Pull the tab on the bag collar.
  3. Be careful not to remove the bag holster itself! Only the bag should be removed.
  4. Change your vacuum’s filters at the end of every box: there is one for the motor, and another on the front of the vacuum. Both can be replaced from within the bag compartment.

How Often Should I Change My Miele Bag?

No more second-guessing when your vacuum bag needs to be changed–on newer models, there is an indicator bar that turns orange when the bag is full! Your vacuum bag needs to be changed as soon as possible, because a full bag can cause poor performance, hose-clogging, and motor stress.

Types of Miele Bags

Miele’s latest innovation in vacuum bag technology is the introduction of their 3D bags. Made of from randomly spun fibers, these bags are incredibly durable, fit more dirt and debris, lock out allergens, and are very easy to install. Here are just some of the most common Miele vacuum bag types:

  • FJM: Designed for Miele canister vacuums
  • Type U AirClean: Made to fit Miele upright vacuums
  • IntensiveClean Z Bags: Designed for Miele stick vacuums and some uprights

Find Miele Vacuum Bags at Stark’s

We’re proud to offer Miele vacuums and products at all of our Stark’s locations. Whether you need a Miele canister vacuum bag or one for a Miele Twist, we’ve got the perfect type for you! Come into a Stark’s showroom or browse our Miele vacuum bags online, and let Stark’s take the stress out of vacuuming!

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