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Maybe you have an existing system, or you’ve just installed one of our central vacuum systems. Congratulations! Your home has the most efficient and convenient vacuuming technology. But it won’t stay efficient or as powerful without some long-term maintenance!

Central Vacuum Repair Plan:


One of our certified technicians will service & repair your built-in central vacuum system at your home.

  • Inspect & Clean filter
  • Inspect & Replace Dirt Bag
  • Inspect, Tighten and Replace (as needed) all machine seals
  • Inspect & service motor and motor bearings
  • Clean out all vacuum lines
  • Clean motor and interior using high pressure air
  • Performance Check
  • Repair as needed

* All services and repair costs are for labor only; parts sold separately and are subject to availability.

The Importance of Central Vac Maintenance

Black central vacuum system. Central Vacuum Maintenance - Stark's Vacuum Store in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WAA machine is only as good as its maintenance, and all vacuums needs some kind of regular care to keep on functioning properly. But what does your central vacuum system need, exactly?

Proper maintenance should be done two or three times a year and includes:

  • Running maintenance cloths through the vacuum tubing
  • Emptying the collection canister
  • Cleaning the interior filter
  • Cleaning the exterior filter
  • Professional servicing every two years

Specific Central Vacuum Repairs or Concerns

Here are a couple of problems that should always be looked at by a professional, especially after performing routine maintenance:

  • Clogged tubing
  • Reduced airflow
  • Dust or clouds of dust within the home or around the vacuum
  • Any rattling, squeaking, or clanking sounds coming from within the system or power unit

Many of these are problems that we do not recommend attempting to fix yourself. Give us a call, and we’ll be there to repair and maintain your central vacuum!

Professional Central Vacuum Maintenance

You can trust the experts at Stark’s to keep your central vacuum system running its best. Our technicians have years of specialized repair and maintenance experience with central vacuums. We’ll always provide you with a free estimate before you have any service work done on your central vacuum system. And as a locally-owned-and-operated business, we stand behind our work – because our family’s name and reputation are on the line. Give us a call today for central vacuum installation, repair, or long-term maintenance!

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