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AS10 Wifi Indoor Air Sensor

Indoor air sensor for measuring and displaying air quality and interconnecting IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers.

Product Highlights
Particulate matter sensor for PM2.5 and PM10
VOC measurement
Temperature measurement
Air humidity and air pressure measurement
6-color/6-step air quality display
Automatic control of IDEAL AP PRO devices
Online remote control of IDEAL AP PRO devices
Air quality display via “IDEAL AIR PRO” app
Ideal AS10 Wifi Indoor Air Sensor at Stark's Vacuums


Technical details
Power supply 5 V micro USB cable
Power consumption max. 500 mA
Measuring interval 1 second
Transmission interval 60 seconds
IP rating IP20
Calibration interval 24 months
Dimensions (H x W x D) 65 x 65 x 65 mm
Weight (g) 150
The IDEAL AS10 indoor air sensor measures the air composition, indoor climate and possible environmental impacts – all in real time. The device performs three main functions: 1. Measuring and displaying the air quality: The IDEAL AS10 measures particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, as well as VOCs, temperature, air humidity and air pressure. All of these values are displayed in the associated “IDEAL AIR PRO” app. The IDEAL AS10 also shows the air quality on the device itself with a six-step colour scheme. This colour scheme ranges from green (“good”) to dark violet (“hazardous”). 2. Automatic control of connected IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers: In automatic mode, the IDEAL AS10 can monitor all connected IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers. With the “IDEAL AIR PRO” app this is easy and convenient to install. 3. All IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers can be controlled online via the “IDEAL AIR PRO” app. For operation, the IDEAL AS10 has to be connected to a constant power supply (5 V micro USB). The IDEAL AS10 can be connected to IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers using the corresponding free “IDEAL AIR PRO” app. The particulate matter sensor should be calibrated after it has been used for 24 months. The “IDEAL AIR PRO” app provides relevant information about this process.



The 360° smart filter has five layers for ultimate cleaning performance. These layers trap both small and large particles, as well as gases and molecules. They also filter the so-called MPPS (most penetrating particle size). These are the most difficult particles to remove with a size of between 0.1 and 0.3 micrometers. The circular design ensures optimum utilization of the filter surface.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Range: 0–32,768 ppb
Resolution: 500 ppb

Relative humidity

Range: 20–90%
Resolution: 1%

PM2.5/PM10 fine dust

Range: 0–1000 µg/m³
Resolution: 1 µg/m³

Air pressure

Range: 20–110 hPa
Resolution: ± 0.4 hPa


Range: 14 to 122 °F
Resolution: 1 °C