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Stark's Lowest Price Promise

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50!

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  • Miele Triflex HX1 Lotus

    Miele Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend and Vancouver WA - Stark's Vacuums

    Stick vacuum cleaner with high suction power for thorough vacuuming.

    • Innovative 3-in-1 function for ultimate flexibility
    • As powerful as a full size Miele vacuum cleaner
    • Replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery. Up to 60 min runtime
    • Maintenance free Hygiene lifetime filter
    • 11″ wide Electrobrush for all types of flooring
  • Hizero F803 – 4 in 1 Hard Floors Cleaner

    • INNOVATIVE DUAL-CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Combines wet and dry cleaning in one super-efficient appliance for easy cleanup of dirt, grime and spills.
    • AUTOMATICALLY SEPARATES WASTE: Divides solid from liquid waste for easy disposal and to avoid clogging drains.
    • ENERGY-SAVING, LONG-LIVED BATTERY: High-capacity lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 60-80 minutes while using less electricity, long lasting power plus energy efficient, comes with its own 24-hour standby charging station.
    • LOW-NOISE: Whisper-quiet operation won’t disturb pets, babies or neighbors.
    • FANTASTIC 4-IN-1 CLEANING FUNCTION: Integrates sweeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning in one convenient cord-free appliance, definitely an excellent partner for your vacuum.
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  • Riccar R60 Broom Vacuum

    Riccar Vacuum Sales by Stark's Vacuums - Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

  • Sebo Felix Premium

    SEBO Vacuum Sales in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA at Stark's Vacuum Store

    The stylish FELIX offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum cleaner in an upright configuration! It has highly maneuverable, 180° steering ability, a convenient instant-use suction hose, an ultra-modern filtration system, and a detachable suction unit, with variable suction control, that becomes a hand-held vacuum. It includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 power head, with four-level manual height adjustment, that cleans both carpets and hard floors and easily removes pet hair. In addition, its spinning brush roller can be shut off to clean delicate rugs and hard floors with straight suction. The power head features tool-free brush roller removal, plus a user warning light that illuminates when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or the bristles are worn, and when automatic shut off occurs due to brush roller obstructions. There are two on-board attachments and a hard-floor parquet brush. Amazingly, the FELIX can even morph into a hard-floor polisher by attaching SEBO’s DISCO head.