Stark's Vacuums, a local vacuum retailer in Portland OR provides tips on how to keep your home safe from viruses and germs by sanitizing soft surfaces.The coronavirus known as COVID-19, is an enormous concern and on everyone’s mind. Experts instruct us to take extra steps to avoid contracting the virus such as washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. We are told to cover our coughs and sneezes, avoid contact with others. It is also essential to keep your home free of germs, not only to prevent illness but also to keep it from spreading if someone is already sick.

Soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs, and upholstery can be some of the most challenging to clean when you are trying to disinfect your home. So, how do you sanitize soft surfaces to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other germs?

One way is to use a commercial-grade vacuum with HEPA filtration that can capture up to 99 percent of dust, allergens and other contaminants. However, if you really want to make sure your carpets and other soft surfaces are sanitized, a steam cleaner is the way to do it.

Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

The coronavirus has been documented to linger for extended periods of time on surfaces. Frequently disinfecting high touch surfaces is essential – but what about soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs and upholstery?

The CDC recommends cleaning soft surfaces using soap and water – or with other cleaners that are appropriate. While the laundering of these surfaces is a highly effective way to sanitize them, for most of those mentioned above, that simply not an option.

For these soft surfaces a high-quality carpet cleaner with effective cleaning products is essential in keeping your family safe and healthy. At Stark’s we are the vacuum experts, which is why we offer only the BEST offer carpet cleaner for in-home cleaning.

The BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® out cleans other leading rental machines. We keep our carpet cleaners disinfected and running optimally. Not only is the Bissell Big Green Machine easy to use, it also puts down less water, so carpet and other softs surfaces dry quickly.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

While you can pick up a BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® from one of our locations (please see our website for the most up-to-date house and locations), for only $29.95 for 24 hours – we have another option available. You can also rent one of our carpet cleaners to sanitize all your soft surfaces and have your machine delivered for an extra $10.

Stark’s Commitment to You!

We are open! We know that keeping a home clean during this time is incredibly important. At Stark’s Vacuums, we strive to ensure the highest sanitary standards and are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Our stores are regularly sanitized, and we encourage all staff showing signs of illness to stay home. While our stores are open during this period, you can also view our entire inventory online. We also offer in-store pickup and delivery options.

Stay Protected in Your Home by Sanitizing Soft Surfaces - Starks Vacuums

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