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Cordless Vacuums

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Cordless vacuum cleaners are some of the most exciting innovations in the vacuum cleaning industry. Cordless vacuums are generally known as “stick” vacuums because of their stream-lined design. While some stick vacuums have cords, a lot of stick vacuums are entirely cordless, coming equipped with powerful lithium ion batteries. Some even come with extra batteries, and a charging station. Vacuuming has never been easier!

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Cordless Vacuums - Starks Vacuum Store in Portland OR Bend OR and Vancouver WA

Why Choose a Cordless Vacuum?

Because of their innovative design, cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and easy to store, but they still remain powerful and durable. Depending on the model, the tube can even be removed to create a handheld vacuum. With additional tools and adjustable elements, this can make a variety of locations like cars, stairs, and corners far easier to clean than with a traditional upright vacuum.

Cordless vacuums are ideal for mostly non-carpeted surfaces, quick clean up, and frequent cleanings. Some stick vacuum owners have started cleaning more often, but for less time overall–they have a cleaner space with less effort! If you have a small space, or just need an extra vacuum for fast cleaning, cordless vacuums are an incredible asset to any home.

Benefits and Features of Cordless Vacuums

  • Some of the lightest vacuums available
  • Low clearance capability, for those hard-to-reach places
  • Great with pet hair
  • Convenient storage capabilities
  • Tangle-free vacuuming
  • Most models are bagless, allowing for easy and sustainable disposal
  • Great for stairs or non-carpeted surfaces
  • Versatility
  • HEPA filters with some models

Professional Cordless Vacuum Consultants

Choosing a vacuum can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for a vacuum to serve your house for many years! Let Stark’s take the stress out of vacuuming!

When you come into Stark’s to choose a cordless vacuum, we’ll walk you through any and every feature you want to explore. By determining your household needs and vacuum desires, we can find the perfect model for you. Because we carry a range of accessories, we can upgrade the vacuum of your choice far beyond the basic model, outfitting your new appliance with features you may not even know were possible! Come into Stark’s today!

Cordless Vacuums - Starks Vacuums

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