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Baby nursery and crib. HEPA Vacuums - Vacuums for Dust and Allergens - Starks Vacuum Stores in Portland OR Vancouver WA and Bend ORAllergy-sufferers have special requirements when it comes to vacuums, and Stark’s know just how important it is to find the right vacuum cleaner for your home! HEPA filters are recommended for homes with allergy concerns. If you need relief from allergies within your home, Stark’s can help you choose exactly the right HEPA vacuum cleaner, for either hardwood or carpeted surfaces.

Choosing the right vacuum with HEPA involves more than just the filter: allergy-friendly vacuums can have added features that make them better and more versatile at cleaning above-floor cleaning (i.e. drapes, stairs), increasing the chances of completely eliminating allergens from your home. If you suffer from allergies, or are concerned about dust particles or allergens within your home, it’s time to look at a HEPA vacuum!

What is a HEPA Vacuum?

HEPA is an acronym that means “High Efficiency Particulate Air”, also known as “High Efficiency Particulate Absorber”, and it refers to a type of air filter. The HEPA standard has many applications, including use in hospitals, automobiles, aircraft, and homes. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) sets and regulates the standards for HEPA filters. An air filter must remove 99.97% of particles (that have a size greater-than-or-equal-to 0.3 microns) from out of the air when used in equipment.

Not all allergy-friendly vacuums have HEPA filters, and it’s important to look for an official HEPA designation. Stark’s can help you determine whether or not a vacuum satisfies the DOE’s standards for air filtration.

HEPA Vacuums and Special Accessories

Vacuums meant for household allergies are typically available with a variety of tool configurations, and we’ll help you determine exactly which accessories and add-ons would be most helpful to you. Some vacuums meant for allergies have a feature which enables you to turn off the brush roll. This is especially beneficial while using attachments or tools for above-floor cleaning. This feature also allows the vacuum to clean hardwood floors without scattering dirt and allergens.

Central Vacuums and HEPA Filters

While a conventional vacuum can do a lot to eliminate allergens in your home like pollen, pet hair, or dander, if your allergies cause serious reactions, you may want to consider a central vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can ensure 100% removal of contacted dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens, and central vacuums with HEPA filters have been known to significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Vacuum Cleaners with HEPA Filters

If you’re concerned about allergens in your house, it’s time to consider specialized vacuuming with HEPA filters. When you come into Stark’s to choose a vacuum, we’ll walk you through any and every feature you want to explore. By determining your household needs and vacuum desires, we can find the perfect model for you. Because we carry a range of accessories, we can upgrade your vacuum far beyond the basic model, outfitting your new appliance with features you may not even know were possible! Let Stark’s take the stress out of vacuuming, and eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Come into Stark’s, and try out your new HEPA vacuum today!

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